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Monday, August 20, 2012

Mary's Homemade Calvin and Hobbes Tiger

What do you do when your daughter is dying for a stuffed Hobbes tiger, but they were never any created so you can't buy them anywhere.  Why, you do what any self-respecting grown woman would do.......Call Mom!

It took a few weeks and wasn't easy, and it apparently isn't something my Mom would like to make again, but wasn't it worth the wait?   This Hobbes is the actual stuffed one in the comic strip, not the one in Calvin's wild imagination.   Mary's ecstatic!

And Nic's never slept better! 


  1. Now thats what I call a super grandma, tell your Mom I think it looks perfect! ox, Diane

  2. Love it.They are blessed by Grammie too.

  3. What a gramma !!! That is the best!!!!

  4. omg!!!!
    I adore him!!!!!!!
    she could sell them!
    he is awesome!

  5. That Hobbes is just the cat's meow! What a wonderful and talented Grandma to make him!



  6. Thanks so much! Most of Hobbes had to be hand-stitched, which was what took so much time. I actually am hoping she can teach me how to make him. But first, I'm signed up for a sewing class starting Sept. so let me get some basics down!

  7. They are so cute-both the children and the tigers!
    You will laugh at this-we happen to be dropping stuff off at a Goodwill a few years back and I spotted a Hobbes in a dumpster...yes I dumpster dived, cleaned him up and sold him on eBay for like $40! He was laying right on top and looked perfect to me. I researched him from his tag it was a Hobbes 'knock off'. I told the buyer, but not where I found him.