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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Welcome to Kid's Castle Park! 

As you cross over the drawbridge, you enter a magical world that includes a 35-foot high castle with a huge twisty slide, with a very friendly dragon.

There's also a tree house, a barn yard, a rocket ship, a pirate ship, a downtown promenade for toddlers, a multitude of slides and swings and a children's amphitheater!

Did I mention it's FREE?!

Outta my way mom! 

I had read the castle was eight stories high and just pictured steps to higher levels.  I was SO wrong!  Picture a McDonald's playset on steroids, only this is made of wood and incredibly clean.

I'm 5 foot 4 inches and had to crouch my way through this maze of tunnels.   Sometimes, it got a little scary!

And I'm not too proud to admit I got lost.

I kept trying to work myself up to the highest level, but never found my way up there!  

It was all so impressive.  Solid smooth wood, lots of grates for the kids to look out of but still be safe, and very, very clean. 

Oh!  There's my babies!  Hey guys!  Can you tell me how to get out of here?

There's even a huge spiral slide.  I later found out Ted actually rode this down - all 6-foot of him! 

Kids too little for the castle or just needing a break?  That's ok, because right outside of it was tons of other things to play on!

This was my favorite spot.  The lowest level.  It was very cool and  you can actually walk upright.  

Lots of great graphics too! 

Tic-Tac-Toe stone-style!

A village brimming with stores for the children to play in.

Anyone want to board the pirate ship? 

Since it was Ted's sister Shay's birthday, we decided to cool the kids off with some icecream and later meet up for burgers and such.  But, let's get a head-count before we leave.

Funny....I have the strangest feeling I'm forgetting something.


  1. My kids love Kids Castle! They spend hours there. We should meet up sometime! That photo with the signs that say "Kenny's News" and "Rudolph's" are stores that used to be in downtown Doylestown. Long gone now, but maybe they sponsored some of the equipment when it was new?

  2. What a fun place! I have to know.... Did you leave him there or let him out??? LOL!!!


  3. I didn't know you lived so close! Geez, if that's the case, we may need to do some treasure hunting together. I don't think we'd step on each other's toes either, although we both love vintage, we seem to gravitate towards different things. : )

  4. Oh my goodness. That's absolutely amazing. My husband would want the blue print and would begin work on it in the back woods. Josie would be happy for hours in there. How fantastic!!

  5. Wow I love it!Is this just in a local park?I would love to bring My grandkids here.Perfect! Denise

  6. That is such an awesome place! How long has it been there? I do love Doylestown too.