"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finding Surprises Imbedded Within

You know it's time to say goodbye to a piece of furniture when you've got duct tape holding it together!   So, with heavy-heart, (well maybe not too heavy), I tore apart Ted's grandfather's 1950s leather rocking chair.

Some interesting things were found buried deep inside.

The kids stored away lost change into their piggy banks.

I can't imagine why an old Clam Chowder ad would have spent half a century within the chair's armrest.

I almost got my hopes up!

Always the recycler, I cut out large strips of the leather to make books.   And lookie what was under the leather!

What a waste to have such gorgeous upholstery hiding beneath it all!

And what's this?  Is it asian?  Or maybe Turkish cloth?  This wrapped around the armrests.  It was all a nice surprise!

I have no idea what I'd ever do with it, maybe add it to some fabric journals?  But after being protected under the leather for over 60 years, there was no way I was tossing it into the landfill! 

As for Ted, who felt bad about having to get rid of his late-grandfather's rocking chair, he still gets to keep a piece of it after all.


  1. Those are really nice bits of upholstery fabrics....I'd save those!!! If they need to be freshened up a bit, I use Murphy's Oil Soap, it comes in a jar and is goopy.......dilute just a bit of it in warm water in a bowl and with a clean cloth work it into the fabric by dipping and dabbing.....then rinse by the same method. Place a terry towel under the cloth to absorb the moisture....then air dry. Fabric journals and book covers are a great idea!!!

  2. Why don't I remember this chair??

  3. How awesome Jill! Can't wait to see how you upcycle the pieces!! Hope you are feeling better! I have stopped by a couple times lately but got interuppted before I could comment!! LOL The kids are so darn cute cooking! Seems very important to Mary!! Take care of yourself and don't worry about my blocks!! But I am excited!! XOXO Love, Aunt Frannie

  4. Jill I sent you an inbox message on your Etsy!! XOXO Love, Aunt Frannie