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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas in July

So I'm in my art room, minding my own business, and decide to pare down my book stash. I had no idea how many Christmas collectible books I had!   Want to take a peek?

What are your favorite kinds of Christmas decorations?  Paper mache?  Spun cotton?  Old glass or printed images? 

I'd like to try making some of these triangle gift boxes.  Scrumpsh.

Not much compares to old world German Santas.

 I'd be afraid to light my trees with these!

 Years ago, I considered plastic ornaments to be so tacky.  Now I loooooove them.  Do you think they're tacky?  It's ok.  I was there once too. You'll come around. 

 People were just silly back then with their handmade ornaments!  But how homey are these?

The Victorians had an eye for beauty, didn't they?

LOVE these old goodie boxes.  Why did the innocence have to leave?
And then ya got'cher regulation bottle brush wreaths and trees. 

Paper mache candy holders!  Another project on my To-Do list.  Actually, it's more like a Bucket List, but that's not important right now.

Kitschy-kitschy ya-ya-ya-ya!

And how about those Putz houses?  And the little animals to go with them?  Deelish.

Dad and Mom bought us a Mickey Mouse Christmas record back in the 70s.  We listened to it all the time.  Wish we still had it.

This ornament reminds me of something Magpie Ethel would make.  She's always creating with chenille stems.   If you love estate sales, and anything vintage, stop by her blog and live vicariously through her!  I do.

I just want to touch these.

Although I'm not a fan of clowns, I really like the costumes they wore long ago.  The cream outfit with black polka-dots is so simple and cute.

Soooooo delicate.  Didn't people have children or cats to worry about back then?

I just want to take my stubby little fingers and crush the lampshades between my fingers, just for being so friggin cute!

Hmmmm........an idea for the hubby.  Then again, I'd hate to see the disappointment on his face when he opened a cigar box filled with gumdrops!

Why would anyone want to hang these on a Christmas tree?

And some ornaments are just plain weird.  This is a sailor's head coming out of a plant.  I think I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

This past winter, I scored a vintage aluminum tree!!  I told my Mom how fun it'll be to put it up this year and fill it with vintage ornaments.  Her response?  "Ew."    Nah.....I still gotta do it!

And let's not forget our Jewish brothers and sisters.

If you liked what you saw in this post, you may be happy to know that some of these books will be listed in my Etsy shop.  I'd like to say our house is getting too small, but honestly, my collections are just getting too big!


  1. Nice job on the doll hutch!!
    Love your vintage Christmas treasures. I remember the candy boxes!!! That sailor and devil are wierd for Christmas.

  2. It's really funny the number of things I would never have dreamt of owning, but now I love dearly!

  3. I remember all those oldies, and still love em !!! And I still love making those triangle boxes....also remember those large plastic snowflakes in pink and blue.....and hanging tinsel on the tree, one by one......

  4. Love all the pics of the christmas collectables. I loved that strand of round bulb lights.. how cool those would be to hang on the tree.
    I too have a bunch of christmas books not to mention I save every christmas themed magazine that I buy!
    have a great day Jill. I'm off to the beach!

  5. Hi Jill!

    Such fun things. Yup, some of the things I own today, I would have never thought I would. Frozen Charlotte? A few years ago I didn't even know what it was. Thanks to blogland, my collections are growing. lol Magpie Ethels things are cute! Check out Saturday Finds Blogspot too. She is a great lady, and has a lot of vintage things like that on her Etsy too! I am getting antsy for the cooler weather, and the fall!


  6. I can't get enough vintage Christmas...especially spun cotton and plastic. Great images.

  7. I have 2 templaates I got online, I think from rubberstamping......if you send me your email addy I will send them to you. You can then enlarge them on your printer to get the bigger size. cleoheadley@aol.com

    I also have a box I bought years ago, maybe 20 or so years, that I took apart and made a new template from, will send that also......cleo

  8. Just me again...here's the site you want....Mirkwood Designs....its called the icicle box.....Google them.....cleo

  9. Every year I say I will start early and make ornaments this time of year. I do have a few months and your photos surely influenced me. I like to cross stitch too, so I want to add some of them to my holiday decor.

  10. I've been catching up on your blog tonight! So many great things! I added the Christmas Collectibles book (lower right corner of pic) to my collection last year. It's such a great refference.
    You're so lucky to have found an aluminum tree! I really want one! Thanks for sharing so many great posts! Erica :)