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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Refinished Desk, Home-made Icecream, and Robin's Egg Sighting

After years of sitting in our basement, it was time for this old desk to get a second chance at life.

My hunter-gatherer husband rescued this from being hauled away to a landfill.

He knew it needed some work, but it was in overall good condition.  Wouldn't it be a shame to simply throw away a solid piece of real wood furniture?

After cleaning it, I let it air-dry outside for a bit while Mary experimented in the kitchen with making her own chocolate icecream.   Her little science experiment was a success.

Onto sanding top and painting the hardware.

All dried and cleaned.  Now let's make 'er pretty!

What was once a beat up old desk, is now a creamy delight!   I debated whether to distress the desk for a more shabby-chic look, but decided it already had enough natural flaws from years of wear.  For now, it sits in our living room, but my plan is for it to go into Nicolai's bedroom.

Leave it to kids to discover all the wonders of nature!   As I worked on the desk, Mary found half of a robin's egg in our backyard.

Isn't it amazing how something so tiny and unbelievably delicate can be so beautiful? 

Nic was totally mesmerized. 

 Oreo couldn't care less!


  1. Your desk is just gorgeous (or handsome) depending on "who" gets to use it. Lovely tranformation. Oreo is just darling!! They grow up so fast. Our ten month old kitten is such a busy delight.

  2. Love the desk, what a great find. We found an egg recently too, so teeny!

  3. And I forgot to say - happy birthday!

  4. Your desk turned out fantastic!!! I want that typewriter! I am on the lookout for one. I learned to type on one just like that. Guess you can figure out how old I am huh??? I can still hear my typing teacher going "FFF space GGG space" LOL!!!