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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Newest Noah's Ark

Every piece of art I create needs to tell a story and this Noah's ark is no exception.  After Uncle Dane's unexpected passing, I wanted to make something special for his two young granddaughters, Haley and Taylor. 

The idea came to me when I saw a large piece of wood in Dane's barn.  Immediately, I envisioned it as the ark's hull.

But, this was more than I could handle.  The wood's very heavy and too thick for me to cut with a bandsaw. 

Normally, I would have asked Uncle Dane for his help.   Isn't it surreal that his son, Brian, was able to step in and do this for me?  He cut it down to just the size and look I was after.   And the best part?  Now the ark is from both of us.

The animals are rounded up onto the second story, which is an old converted wooden box.   I made the fence by cutting dowels and wrapping them in jute.

For the the third tier, I refurbished a birdhouse into living quarters for Noah.  The entire ark is painted and aged for a time-worn look.

Of course, there's got to be a gangway for the animals to board the upper deck.  Two planks made from wood and Popsicle sticks do the job.

But WAIT!  What have we here?  Oh, the poor little misfits, tossed off the ark into their own little boat.

A long piece of rope keeps these skunks at a safe distance.

Noah looks on to make sure the little stinkies are doing ok.

"In Loving Memory of Uncle Dane 2012" was burned into the ark on the other side. 

Because Dane's granddaughters are so young, I thought it was best to give them plastic animals, rather than carved ones, which are too fragile for little hands.

To Haley and Taylor, Love Uncle Brian and Cousin Jill.


  1. Oh my, aren't you something!!! Just beautiful and so much thought went into that, they will always treasure it!!! Thanks for sharing....hugs...cleo

  2. wow! this is adorable! great job:)

  3. HI Jill..... long time no blog for me.... life has gotten in the way. Glad to see you still here, your lil ones are growing!! Love the ark.

  4. Jill you are the best cousin in the world!The skunk idea fabulous!