"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Antiquing and Estate Sale Finds

While helping Aunt Candy through the unexpected death of Uncle Dane, we had a blessing in disguise.  Our school went on strike, allowing the kids and me to stay with her an extra week to help her through this hard time. 

Our days were filled with reorganizing and getting things done.  And when we needed a break from it all, antiquing helped lift our spirits.

I found  some of the prettiest figurines to fill my Etsy shop. 

The little lambs were my favorite.  They match my Lefton bunnies.  
An antique nativity sheep made in Italy.   

I'm becoming a vintage nativity junkie.  This is another old set made in Italy.  Behind it is a bag filled with old chalkware nativity pieces. 
I couldn't believe the size of old hatpins!  I never realized how long they actually are.  Women back then really had fun dressing up!

While out yardsaling, we accidentally saw a sign for an Estate sale and had to stop by.  I was very behaved and only picked out a couple things; this big bag of vintage Santa and snowmen had to be mine. 
A hand-painted pink egg holder.  It's much more pink than the picture shows.
This old angel is really a music box that was lop-sided.  I took off the music base as it was falling apart anyway.  I didn't care about it, but just have the urge to restore her.  She's got such a pretty face, the gold doesn't do her justice.

A pretty china girl.

Loved this old apron!  I'm guessing it's hand-made.  It's the first one I've seen that has a dish towel attached.  How smart is that? 

This pretty pink apron is slightly faded, but it doesn't matter.  To me, it just shows years of love a woman once had in the kitchen preparing meals for her family. 

This was Aunt Candy's Bible when she was a little girl.  She no longer wanted it, but I didn't want to see her toss it out.  As I work on building Noah's arks right now, the images completely inspire me.

Another sweet old Christmas book I didn't want to see tossed in the recycle pile.

Like many people in my husband's family, Dane was an avid old book collector.  He had shelves and shelves of them.  While sorting through, this book was meant for the recycle pile.  It was falling apart and the subject matter was pretty boring.  

Then I opened it and found it dated 1848!   Looking at the cover, I noticed it was still very sturdy and actually pretty.  I tore out the rest of the pages and plan on turning this into an art journal or maybe scrapbook.

This book broke my heart to throw away, not for the book, but for Dane's daughter, Lori who was sorting through them.  Besides being a farmer, Dane spent over 30 years teaching English to High School students.  Although Lori had no interest in this book, it just reminded her so much of her dad.  Why not just take it?  Well, Lori had to be very focused or else she would have taken every book home.  It went into the recycle pile and again, I tore out the pages and kept the cover.

Candy shocked me when she offered me this turn-of--the-century scale.  It once sat in her great-grandfather's mercantile in a small Ohio town back in the 1890s. 

I kept asking her if she was sure.  Why not give it to her son or daughter?  She assured me over and over that they thought it was hideous and didn't want it!  I encouraged her to sell it, but she wanted to keep it in the family.  I'll admit, my heart goes pitter-patter when I think of all the history this scale has seen!

And my heart thumps even louder when she also passed this old kettle onto me, from the same mercantile.  It is my absolute favorite shade of orange.  I wonder what they used it for?

And of course, the computer always has to switch a photo around on me.   I found these old crayola crayons and Old Maid game at that estate sale we hit.   I would have liked to have spent more time there, but we had the kids and I didn't want to bore them to death.

And the biggest surprise of all?  

Meet our little barn kitten, Oreo.  For two weeks, she wormed her way into our lives and into our hearts.   I can't believe we brought a kitten home.  Could be worse...it could have been one of Candy's chickens!


  1. Oh my goodness. I'm completely smitten with your kitten. How lovely is SHE!! I was drooling over all your lovely treasures, especially the apron with the built-in kitchen towel, but Oreo tops everything!

  2. I'm so jealous you got that scale! I admired it every time I was there, so lovely. I'm NOT jealous of the kitten, though A tried her best to talk me into taking Oreo when we were out there, lol. I'm glad you were able to stay for the week out there; I hated to leave. ♥

  3. That is so cool that you have some family treasures! The scale and pitcher are Awesome! Fun finds at the shops. The hat pins are so unique.
    Cute kitty! Glad she has a new home with you.

  4. wow.. lots of good treasures. love that china doll and mostly?? LOVE that kitten! I want a kitten.... well, part of me wants one.. I dont need another cat and my husband would probably leave if I brought one home! lol
    have a great day Jill.

  5. Great treasures Jill! LOVE that scale and Oreo is precious!

  6. I missed you,I love reading your posts.Fun and interesting goodies for yourself and your shop.I like to collect sheep and lambs because they have such spiritual meaning for Me.I've kept My Mom's and Grandma's nativity sets,but I really like finding the sheep.As far as nativity sets go,I love to find the hard rubber type because that's what we had as kids and even better,children can play with them but they never break.Talk to you later :) Denise