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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Primitive Noah's Ark is Finished!

Just finished her today!   My vision of this ark was primitive, rustic, and time-worn. 

I hammered in some branch pegs and wrapped jute around them to make a fence.  The ladder is just a small branch broken apart and glued together. 

The entire ark is 27" x 8" x 13".   Ted, my hero, drilled the portholes for me.  Four in the front and four in the back. 

The doors actually open. The hinges are made from real leather that I cut off a 1950 rocking chair!

Nic and Mary already broke out their plastic animals before I even finished. 

I figured they'd be happy using their toys, but both said they wanted me to carve them animals for the ark.  How could I say no? 

Mary's also asking me to add wheels.  Good idea.  I'll have to see about that.  In the meantime, I've got lots of four-legged creatures to carve!


  1. How cute! You are just so talented! Can't wait to see the animals!!!!

  2. Oh my this is so nice,i looks so vintage,I can imagine the children dragging those little animals out to play, plus the history of Noah's ark~waiting to see your craved animals..Love the way your family is enjoying the project together..so many today forget what Family time means~~ you have captured it fully~~ Blessings Tea~~

  3. wow! I love how your ark turned out. You are very talented! Cant wait to see the animal.. your right.. you have a lot of carving to do. two by two!
    I know they will be great!
    have a great week

  4. The ark is amazing and I am not surprized!!! When the doors open will there be a ramp for them to walk on??? Get those little fingers busy with the residents, don't forget Noah and his family......it'll be next year when you are done.....you will keep thinking of more things to add!!! hugs...cleo

  5. This is just beautiful! I do have a soft spot for the rustic and primitive and this is done so beautifully!