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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Cup Runneth Over!

Recently, my childhood priest, Father Cahill, asked if I had any statues to donate to the elderly. I became a woman on a mission.  Though it's hard to come by old religious statues and icons, this past weekend I hit the jack-pot.

I found this Madonna statue at our local thrift.  She was selling for $20, along with an Infant of Prague for $10.  I said my prayers.  "God, I want to help Father Cahill, but $30 is really too much money for our one income family."   After a good argument with my mind vs spirit, I brought the statues up to the counter and an amazing thing happened.  The woman working there asked, "Are you donating these?"  Surprised by her questions, I fumbled over my own words explaining my plan for them. "How about $10 for both?"  she said.  My jaw dropped and I practically bounced all the way home.

Next, I decided to give freecycle a try, hoping if I mentioned Father Cahill, people would remember him.  Well, I was contacted by a man named Frank, who didn't know Father Cahill, but did have a father who once worked in a church that closed.

Frank gave me boxes of little plastic statues, old rosaries, prayer cards, pictures, all kinds of stuff.  Then he asked me a favor.  Could I restore this statue for him of St. Anthony? It was his father's.  I'm happy to be able to help someone who was so generous with me!

Another Infant of Prague.

I can't help it, but when I look at this statue, all I think is, "Got Milk?"   She needs a little TLC. This is St. Dymphna, the patron saint of mental illness.  Hmmm....I think I may need to keep this one!

This chalkware Mary was made in Italy and donated by another woman I've gotten to know through freecycle.  She had a box of religious items she was hoping to find a good home.  She was very happy to find out they'll bring comfort to some women in the assisted living community.

Some pieces are broken beyond repair.  That's the beauty of altered art! 

Vintage papers of all kinds can be used to journal, scrapbook, mixed media art, etc.

And lots of little knicky-knacks.  Perfect for shadowboxes and mini pieces of artwork.

To me, you don't need to be Catholic to appreciate the beauty of some of these little nuggets.

So many ideas, so little time!

For the past 2 weeks, I found myself sinking into a pit of depression.  Seeing the generosity of others and watching God work through them gave me a calming sense of comfort. 

Mom always says, when you're feeling depressed, do something for someone else.  It'll take your mind off yourself and your own troubles. 

Now instead of my mind filled with worries, it's filling with visions and inspiration. 

I've always loved miniatures.

This is neat.  It's got the Stations of the Cross on either side of the Crucifix. 

Old metals, ex-votos, pins and rosaries.

I don't think you can belong to an Irish family without having a fondness for the Virgin Mary.  And if you're typical Irish, you've got plenty of Mary-Margarets and Margaret-Marys, Mary Ellens, and Mary Elizabeths in your family!   

"Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established."  Proverbs 16:3


  1. These are all so amazing and it seems that someone was definitely helping you out!


  2. Truly amazing. I have tears thinking about how you are rescuing these amazing pieces. Blessings.

  3. I love your enthusiasm, Jill. :)

  4. That is so cool how God provided! The folks that receive them will be so happy.
    Deb :)

  5. Ya know.....you were being prepared for this weeks ago when you restored two other religious statues.....God had a plan for you!! And He led you here!!! I love it when you can actually see the beginning and move through to the end, whenever that may be!!! Whenever depression rears its ugly head, I always pray that the Lord will send someone to me who needs help......it works!!! hugs...cleo

  6. Now if that isn't a GOD thing I don't what is!!! And Jill you were already on that path!! People love to give freely when it is for a cause!! Can't wait to see what you make with mixed media cuz you know you're gonna!! LOL And I hope you do!!! Love ya neice!! XOXO Aunt Frannie

  7. You found so many great statues and figurines. I'm sure the people that receive them will cherish them. They really are beautiful.

  8. How sweet you are to collect those items to give to those who want them. It gives you goose bumps when things happen like they did you for you doesn't it! God is fabulous! :-)

  9. I'm so amazed at your story.Did you tell the Father you like to restore old things?Did He already know that's what you do a lot of?Amazing the ways of The Lord.It's one of your gifts and He must have known that?Amazing I say again.Now I can't wait to see what you do to them.I'll be waiting and watching.Remember we were just talking about My bracelet? Hugs Denise