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Thursday, May 17, 2012

1883 Scrapbook Images

Want to see a turn-of-the-century scrapbook?

I visited my 91-year-old friend, Ruthie today.  This was her father's scrapbook, she believes made by his mother, back in the late 1800s.

I asked Ruth if she minded if I took some pictures to share; she didn't mind at all and actually seemed to get a kick out of how much something so simple excited me.

I didn't have a scanner, but the photos came out ok.  You can use them however you wish.

Whoever cut these out had a way with scissors!  We tried to see if they were stickers, but they appeared to be hand-cut.

Ruth had no idea where they would have gotten these pictures.  I figured from catalogs or greeting cards. They had greeting cards back then didn't they?

I don't know why some pictures rotated because they're not like this in my file. Sorry!

As a hunter, my Uncle Dane would probably like this picture!

Listening to Ruth talk about how things used to be made me want to go back in time.  Things were harder in a lot of ways, but much simpler in others. 

Ruth and I worked together at a school, until she decided to retire in her 80s!  She's sharp as a tack and has a quick wit.  Up until her health started failing, you could find her restoring huge pieces of furniture and tarring her own driveway! 
She's just how I want to be when I reach that age.  Shoot, she's just how I'd like to be now!

I got to bring some of her famous home-made chocolate cake home for the kids and Ted.  It's like eating fudge, cake, and brownies in one shot. 

Thanks Ruthie!


  1. Oh my goodness... what a fabulous treasure she has! Can you imagine the hours and hours spent cutting out those images!

  2. Ruthie and her scrapbook are pretty amazing!

  3. What a fabulous treasure. How lovely that Ruthie shared with us too.

  4. God Bless Ruthie!!! The scrapbook is amazing and very interesting! Thanks for sharing it!!! Chocolate cake! Yummo!!! Been thinkin about ya girl! How ya doing? Me I am much better! And busy as ever now!! LOL Love my yard and gardens but boy they add more work!! I have been going to bed by 9:00 pm almost every night!! LOL Have a great weekend!! Love ya, XOXO Aunt Frannie

  5. What a treasure you made for your kids and probably grandkids and great grandkids... I can't believe how well you carve and build, it's been a while since I visited!
    I think alot of those pretty pictures in the scrapbook is German scrap. You can still find it but it was traded and used on calling cards to decorate them. They are so pretty!
    I want to be Ruthie too! My great aunt was just like her and I admired her very much!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I am happy to come visit yours again! hugs, karen....