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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What Would YOU Do?

I've recently inherited some very old statues of Mary and the Infant of Prague. This statue of Mary may be too "shabby" for the shabby chic look I prefer!

I like the aged creamy white and the chips have character, but I can't help but think how much prettier I can paint her.

Would you keep her as-is, or take the chance and change her?

She'd still be old, but with a fresher appearance.

Seems a waste to let her fall into ruin.

What would you do?


  1. Keep her as is. I think she's lovely.

  2. If its a question of keeping it as-is and not loving it, or painting it and adoring it, then the answer is simple. Or is it something you would pass on to someone else who might love it the way it is? Personally, I love it the way it is, but that's just my taste. (Love your blog header from the Mercer!)

  3. I love her the way she is. She is gorgeous with all her acquired beauty marks.

  4. You know..... most who love that shabby/worn look would say "leave her as she is"... but I know exactly what your talking about--- I'd repaint her and age the statue to look old. I LOVE that shabby/chippy/worn look... especially at someone elses house lol... I like mine to be a little less shabby and a little more chic :-)

  5. I'm a total shabby lover, I would leave and admire her!


  6. Thanks for all your replies! I agree, the shabby chic is beautiful, but you know what happened yesterday as I picked her up? A feeling of pure sadness came over me. It was as if the piece was crying for me to give her new life. There was no denying that feeling. The process has begun.

  7. I'd fix her face and maybe leave the rest alone.

  8. She's beautiful as is, but I'm sure you make her even more so! :)

  9. Hi Jill, lovely statue, I wouldn't paint her, I love when an old piece wears its history, that said, I know that in your more than capable hands she will be beautiful if you decide to change her.
    enJOY a lovely Sunday,