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Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's Finally Over!

The carpets are down and the attic renovation is finally over!

Ted was very meticulous about taking pictures throughout the whole process, but I just figured to show you before and after shots.

For 11 years, we lived in a 2 bedroom house on the first floor. It was cozy, to say the least.

The attic was just used as storage. It was such a wasted space, but we kept telling ourselves, "Someday."

Too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The air was also constricted so breathing was difficult. It just wasn't useable space.

Even Old Blue needed some fresh air!

Paying a full mortgage for only half a house is the pits.

After years of putting it off, Ted and I finally knew it was time. The kids are older and need their own space. And the once cozy home had just become too crowded.

Mary just can't wait to see her new bedroom.

And it was worth the wait!

After all the old walls were torn down, Neil, our contractor, bleached the entire upstairs, ensuring that any old mold or moisture was gone. Brand new insulation and ventilation now makes the upstairs fresh and breathable.

Mary picked the color, "Lavender Calm." I was so proud of her for not picking out typical *loud* kid's colors.

I guess once we move all the furniture in, we'll never see her again. If it were my room, I know that'd be the case!

And let's not forget Nicolai! We converted the second room into a playroom for both to share.

In trying to keep this room for both boys and girls, Mary and I chose a "Weeping Willow" green for the walls.

This space was Neil's idea. What was once a hall closet is now an area all set for a computer desk!

As soon as we turn our backs, I just know Blue's gonna drag his butt on this new rug.

This will be our reading nook. We'll have a chair and two bookshelves my Dad built on opposites sides. Scrumptious!

A new handrail and banister replace that awful metal pipe thing that was originally created for this space. (Only Ted like it. He tried to persuade me to keep it by describing it "Shabby Chic Industrial".)

Now, a few more weeks of completely reorganizing and rearranging 11 years of living space into 2 stories and we'll finally be able to stretch alittle. This makes for happy parents.....and I think....even happier kids.


  1. Wow!!! Love the wall colors!!! So fresh and clean!!! Those were nice wood floors up there and the stairs were so nice. What a great space!!! You could even have a craft center up there....enjoy!!! hugs...cleo

  2. That was a project! I had no idea you were speaking of so much space. Oh what I wouldn't give for that room, that attic, that house you live in. I love attics and it just looks so brand new and beautiful. Lucky, lucky, lucky Mary.... Patsye

  3. What a gorgeous space. Beautiful color choices. Congratulations.

  4. Awesome new space for everyone! It looks great! Love the paper fairies you made!

  5. How awesome! Enjoy that new space.

  6. What beautiful soft colors!! Thinking of the calmness up there at least for right now!! LOL Wow what an awesome space you turned it in to!!! Well worth the wait!! But I have truly missed you alot Jill!! Can't wait to see Mary's secret garden room at least that's how I see it coming. And the kids are growing up way to fast!! Take care, Love ya bunches XO Aunt Frannie

  7. Wow, what a great space! My girlfriends house is the same way. She built rooms up there too. such a cozy space. I love the little nooks. Enjoy!


  8. Man if I was there, we would have a sit down and celebrate party on the attic floor! We would invite everyone that mattered the most! That would include dolls, fairies, husbands, friends, parents and a few gnomes for sure. Mary Poppins would love this place!
    Love to have an update on your brother. I've been praying!

  9. Oh Jill!So beautiful and exciting.I love your home anyways and now it's even more wonderful.The Lord has blessed all of you.

  10. Jill,
    What a wonderful new space you have! Your husband did a great job! Now you`ll have lots of time to create!

  11. It's beautiful! Great job and now so much more space! Hey, where do you keep all your goodies from the thrift store, etc. ?
    If old Blue is rug rubbing, he may need his glands extracted-yep, my mom's dog is having that issue.