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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Free Liddle Kiddle Paper Doll Images

After making fairies for Mary using vintage Liddle Kiddle paper dolls, I finally conquered the scanner and learned how to transfer images without cutting off half their bodies. I dressed some of the dolls so I could share them with you. Enjoy!

The baker is my favorite, which is yours?


  1. Thank you for sharing those kiddles! They are so sweet, we have some of those paper dolls tucked away. I think our favorite also is the baker :)

  2. oh I love the brown ones!! with the yellows!! Earth colors are my favorite don't cha know!! LOL Such cuteness! Prayin for success in your new shoppe!! I gotta get goin on a sweet cat I am making for mine!! Stop by wish we could have a cup of coffee or tea together. Thanks for sharing!! XO Love Aunt Frannie

  3. Those are so cute. Thanks for posting them. I love their 60's outfits.

  4. For this girl with a curl to pick just one would be a down right crime, I may be put in jail for...

    I've got so much drama going on in my life right now Jill...ugh...I want to throw my drama crown to the wind and never see it again.

    Keeping our Fran in prayers, goodness, she has been through so much health wise. I hate that she is in pain.

    Got your update on your brother, life is a roller coaster for sure. I still sense that he needs prayer covering so I keep him in my prayers. You too!

  5. I love the one with the little pink petticoat and the little baker! Just adorable! <3