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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Flurry of Fairies!

Renovations are almost over! Today the carpet comes and after 6 years of sharing a bedroom, the kids finally get their own, plus a play room!

Nic keeps the downstairs bedroom and Mary will be moving to the newly renovated attic. She's asked for me to paint rainbows and fairies on her wall. She'll be 9 next month so I wanted to keep her room in a way that will allow her to grow. No painted rainbows and fairies on the walls, but that doesn't mean she still can't have them.

There's nothing like searching the internet for ideas and inspiration. I got the idea for making fairies from another blogger who made a clothesline of fairies out of Liddle Kiddle paper dolls (another cute idea!) I chose to make individual fairies that I can easily tac onto Mary's wall and remove.

Aren't these cute? It was a fun way to use fabric scraps and antique appliques for the headpieces.

We don't have any fancy-schmancy tools for making wings. I just printed a template and cut them out on glittered scrapbook paper.

Now Mary can have her little fairies flying above her, but we can take them down without needing to repaint walls when she outgrows them.

Another way to bring fairies into her room was by painting them on an old chest I've had stored away for the past 2 years, knowing it'd come in handy some day.

When I bought this chest, it was white and needed a good cleaning, but in really good shape. It's amazing how paint can transform a piece. I decided to go with a soothing yellow to complement the lavender in Mary's room.

I didn't intend to paint fairies and was very nervous about the whole idea, but Mary kept asking so how could I resist such a sweet request?

We decided on the word, "Keepsakes" for the chest and Mary liked the idea of painting patches on the letters.

With Tasha Tudor as my muse, an arch covered in ribbons, flowers, hearts and apples anchor the picture.

Fairies from old books and greeting cards are recreated in my own mind's eye.

And I sit here typing, trying to keep cool, as the carpet guys tell me the person who measured didn't account for patterns and working around spindles; therefore, they not only may not finish today, but we'll need to buy more carpet, which will not only cost more, but take another 2 weeks to come in.

"Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue."


  1. The fairies are adorable!!! What a cute idea to hang them on a clothes line....or make a mobile hanging from the ceiling.....

    The keepsake chest is just stunning....what a good job you did painting that!!! I love every aspect of it, the lettering with patches, hanging wisteria and the fairy sewing!!!

    You have been VERY busy, girl, stay away from the glue!!! hugs...cleo

  2. Darling, darling, darling. Your chest is a beautiful keepsake. Your fairies are just precious.

  3. I love those little fairies! You are such a great Mom for doing all this for her <3

  4. Oh Jill,
    So sweet! What a great way to give her what she wants at 9, but won't want at 12.
    hugs & JOY,

  5. Hi Jill! What sweet fairies - and liddle kiddles at that! I still have one from those bygone times . . .

    Super job on the chest - your painting is perfect! Looks like you have plenty keeping you busy with your renovations - but - almost done . . .

    Celebrating a whole year in Blogland and just had to mention YOU with a link! Do stop by . . .


  6. Ooooh Jill! To have a Mommy that artistic must be so much fun.I love how you put the dresses on the fairies,they are so cute and the Box-well,that is fantastic.Love your painting.Denise

  7. Jill,
    Love your neww header! Your fairies are adorable. You are so creative. Have a blessed day~

  8. I am so happy I stopped by. You do know Jill that I am a Liddle Kiddle collector? They were my all time favorite dolls to play with, beat Barbie by an inch, or maybe a half an inch. I love them and have about 100 of them! I love these! If I wish upon a star, no matter when and where you are, may I pretty please buy just one from you! I know they were made for Mary, perhaps she would share one with this silly old Auntie Jacqueline? So cute!

    I got your message about your brother. It can't be. This is so upsetting. You said, he "may" well, I'm praying that "may" turns into a big fat "no". Please keep me updated, I care and I'm concerned. Back to the prayer closet, there are so many needs and pains in this world. Some days Jill, I can't wait to get to heaven.

    Love you, praying for a good outcome.

  9. What a surprise to see a new banner! AND your talent has come through once again!! Oh my! AND I knew Jackie would just love the little kiddles!! So glad you're getting your mojo back AND I think the carpet guy is lucky you didn't slap him upside the head!! LOL Can not wait to see the finished room! I still miss you!! Love ya bunches, XO Aunt Frannie

  10. To be loved by you, is such a gift in my life. Thank you for the Kiddle fairy friends.
    Praying for your brother.