"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


After 10 straight days of priming and painting the attic, I desperately needed a break. On a whim, Ted and I hit an estate sale last Friday morning. I wasn't expecting much since it advertised mostly tools, but figured getting out would just be nice. I came home with some old laces and doll clothes, but this was my biggest score!

Since we're renovating the attic into a bedroom for Mary and playroom for both kids, I thought this would be a much cuter storage bin for Mary to store her stuffed animals, rather than the big ugly tupperware they're currently in.

It was in great shape, but dirty as can be. Although I love the look of something old, I draw the line at filth. I tossed out the original, yet very dirty old mattress and pillow, cleaned her up, and gave her a fresh coat of paint.

From shabby to chic! For the mattress, I cut up a remnant of the carpet in the kids' bedroom and covered it in white linen. Then I added the pretty pink lacey cloth as a blanket and added a heart-shaped pillow (all from the estate sale - washed twice for good measure!)

Wanting to keep it simple, but cute, I decoupaged images of little girls and babies onto the front and back slats.

When Mary came home from school, I got a much better reaction than when I first showed her crib, yellowed and grimy.

We're hoping the upstairs will be done by the end of March and we can once again walk around our house without tripping over anything. I hope even sooner, because my nerves can't handle too much more of this!

When it's finally complete, I'm going to take a day just to sit back, hot tea (or ice-cold Coke) in hand, and catch up on all the blogs I've surely been missing out on. Until then...Godspeed!


  1. That is so cute! the decals really make it special.

  2. Well Jill you did a great job as usuaul!!! I miss you and want to say thank you so very much for the beautiful card! It was so perfect!! Glad you got out to an estate sale!! I got out to one too. I posted on it. Take care, and keep checking in! XO Love, Aunt Frannie

  3. That was a great find!!! I'm with you on the dirt thing....shabby only goes so far in my book!!! Great place for the stuffed toys....later it can hold books or magazines too....glad you took a break!!!

  4. Fabulous makeover. I love the pink color and the sweet little decals.

  5. Over the top cute with sugar on top!
    Love it, what a find Jill!
    Sending love and good wishes and Godspeed to you too...

  6. That is a cool crib and you painted it up nice. Are you carving again. You need to carve another Santa like the last one.
    Take care buddy

  7. This is my first blog read since I got this cold. And what a lovely crib. You were just the right person to find it, and as usual, Mary is lucky to get it. I didn't know you were putting her room up in the attic. Is it big? What I wouldn't give for an attic, and a basement!!!

  8. The little crib is so sweet! Good job fixing it up for Mary!

  9. I miss you Jill!! Hurry back!!! Love, Aunt Frannie XOXO

  10. Hi Jill! I just love how this little cradle turned out! I would have scooped that up too!