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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Citizens of Blog Land, Hear Me!

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, if you've never tried freecycling, you're missing out! Look at this huge box of secret treasures I got today - and it was just one of three!

Ironically, I was on the freecycle group to get rid of a few boxes and make more space. Then I saw an ad for vintage Christmas ornaments and well....I caved.

What was I supposed to do?! She'd gotten no takers and said if I didn't come pick them up, they'd be headed for the garbage! I couldn't sit back and let that happen!

I totally underestimated how much was being offered. One box was so big I literally had to drag it to my car...and giggled in spite of myself. Look at this mouse couple!

And these little spun cotton picks!

I bet these candle holders would look spooky painted black for Halloween.

So much sparkle!

There are about a dozen of these silver snowflakes. So pretty!

A handful of pretty gift-wrapped present picks....

And mounds of silver. There's even a jar of old glitter!

I found even more of these glass mercury beads after taking this picture.

I've never seen these before. Large silver tinsel picks. At first, I thought they were part of an old aluminum Christmas tree, but they look like old decorating picks. Very cool!

A huge box of bags....

And tons of wrapping paper. Remember, this was all saved from going into the landfills! And FREE!

This woman liked to entertain! I also found packages of vintage Christmas napkins, plates, and cups. I'm thinking the napkins would make fun additions to art and junk journaling....and ephemera swaps.

I found these paper coasters too, also something I'd never seen before.

A crafter's dream - all different sizes and textures of bows and ribbons.

Check out this extra-wide, velvety ribbon. That color reminds me of the 1980's.

I even found this 1982 Papa Smurf Bow!

Of course, there are lots of stickers!

These are old Eureka Santa stickers. (I don't know why the computer doesn't rotate these next 2 pictures like it's supposed to).

This is a really cute Get Well Elf Book and Desert pack.

And probably my favorite of all - an entire bag overflowing with 1960s-1980s Christmas magazines! And this is only half of them. Mom took a bunch!

What I love about freecycling is everybody makes out on it. The people offering are thrilled to get rid of their unwanted items, while the people receiving are thrilled to get stuff for free. We're also saving perfectly good things from getting thrown into the landfill. If we decide we no longer want it, we can donate it to charity or freecycle it again. Now that's pretty Green!


  1. I have gotten so many great things on freecycle, it's the best!

  2. Do you hear me SQUEALING??? Oh my goodness. You did so well. I can't believe all those spun heads and that mouse couple is just the cutest thing ever. So many amazing finds...for FREE! I dropped off two bags of clothes at Goodwill today and took a peek at the holiday decor which had been deeply discounted in the hopes of finding anything vintage. Nope. Not yet. I'm not giving up. Good for you!!

  3. Jill,I've never heard of it.At first I thought you were talking about an exercise machine.Do they do it all over the U.S.? what is it?It would have to be local,yes?

  4. wow!! you certainly made out well in this deal! lots of neat old stuff! I know you'll find good uses for most of it.

  5. Hi Denise, there are lots of freecycle groups in different areas. I found mine by going to Yahoo Groups. Write in freecycle and the area which you live and it should pull up a freecycle near you.

    Freecycle is a group that posts things to either Offer or Request. The whole point is to recycle, rather than throw away. We've cleared out so many things in our home by freecycling and are always happy to help someone else out. It's a great network. And you don't have to worry about inviting a stranger into your home. People usually just leave the packages on their porch or down by the driveway.

  6. What a haul! :-) I love it when that happens!
    Wishihg you a Happy New Year!

    ~ Deb

  7. I love freecycle! We actually got 4 tickets to a local art museum yesterday and will go with our kids on Saturday! Thanks for coming by my blog...I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season...I am off to go catch up on your posts! karen....

  8. Wow, Jill, you hit the jackpot!! Lucky girl!! Enjoy playing with all of your goodies!!!


  9. Hi Jill,

    Opps I hit annoymous by accident.

  10. Wow. So much stuff. I have, fortunately or unfortunately, lots of these boxes already. I should join and get rid of it all. How are you feeling? Patsye

  11. Wow. WOW!!! What a haul! I've never tried Freecycle, but after seeing this, I think I need to give it a whirl. Congrats on your score!

  12. Not too bad...not too bad. Never even looked into freecycle before, but you certainly make a case for it here!

  13. Awesome finds! Love the ephemera the most.

  14. wow! You hit the jackpot! I can never resist Chrismtas. I would have rushed over to get these free treasures too!
    Drat that blogger knocking me off your blog. DOUBLE DRAT!

  15. OK, I'm seriously off to Freecycle right now!