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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Remember These?

Come see the changes in these old Alpine Village houses! I've altered them using vintage miniature Christmas figurines, pastel glitter, fake snow, and lots of other time-worn bits and bobs like cupcake toppers and of course, old-fashioned bottle brush trees!

This was one of my favorites! A bunch of 50s teens doing the jitterbug outside in the snow!

Even Santa's dancing on the rooftop!

One of my other favorites - the Holy Family in front of a church. I love the way the vintage rhinestones glisten against the white glitter and snow.

All will be for sale in my Etsy store, Bucks County Folk Art for $10 a piece (except for the 50s Christmas -this has already been purchased).

Onto more creations!


  1. Those are so adorable and fun to see how different they all are! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Very cute, I do remember when you found those! Love they way you upcycled them~ Hugs, Diane

  3. This little alpine village is overflowing with charm and you've added life to each little house. There is a very good reason you are in my life, you bring complete joy in all your creations.

    Finally mailed off that check to you today...please forgive my tardy times in getting this to you.

    Much love and thinking of all of you around the table this beautiful thanksgiving season.
    ~the girl with the curl~

  4. So retro vintage! Where did you find all those wonderful little figures?? very sweet little village and makes me think of childhood Christmases. Glad you're back in the creative spirit! God is good!


  5. Wonderful job Jill, they're adorable!

  6. What a charming neighborhood!

  7. I've seen them in person and the camera doesn't capture their real charm. Nostalgic and cute as can be.

  8. Hi Jill!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Time to think about Christmas now. These little houses are adorable. My favorite is the peppermint stick one!


  9. Neat minatures Jillsy I wish I could make miniatures like you wink! wink!