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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jingle All the Way!

While the mobs raided the stores on Black Friday, we stayed home and decorated for Christmas. This year, I had one goal - keep it simple.

While I worked on the mantle, the kids trimmed the tree. This year, I chose a Nativity theme and used pieces from several different sets to complete the scene. If you look closely, behind Mary's an open door. Look inside and you can see Santa Claus coming to deliver presents to the Baby Jesus.

Next to the fireplace is my Adirondack tree, filled with knee-hugger elves and flocked Santas and snowmen. The kids gravitated towards all the old ornaments over the newer ones. Wonder where they learned that?!

This pink Barbie tree is decorated in old pink and aqua glass balls and strung with pastel pearls. My Pink Ladies offset it rather sweetly. This tree has been dubbed the hamster's tree and the kids are hoping Santa will leave little presents for her. Ho-boy.

I can't decide what theme I like more - pink and sparkly or a woodland forest.

Today, I decided to personalize my kids' stockings. Mary has a Victorian-style pink and ruffles stocking, while Nic's has a more folk-art flare. Both are hand-made. Because I can't sew for beans, and am totally jealous of all those who can by the way, I bought Mary's last year on Etsy and my mom made the one for Nic.

Originally, there was an image of a Victorian girl on this stocking. I printed out a picture of when Mary was just a baby and ironed it over the image. Then I added the trim and antique appliques. Now it really feels like Mary's stocking.

Long before Nic was even born, Ma made four of these stockings for us using this old world fabric. Just like Mary, I ironed on a picture of him as a baby and trimmed it in red, gold, and black ric-rac to accent the colors of the funky fabric. Upholstery tacks decorate each corner.

I like to imagine my kids as parents someday, still hanging the same Christmas stockings their mom and grandmom made special just for them.


  1. Enjoyed!I like so many different decor themes for Christmas.When my kids were growing up I had the same decorations over and over,now I change it every year-whatever I fancy at the moment.Denise

  2. So beautiful~~ Just like you!! Love the pink tree and your glam girls!!! Love the stockings!! The pics are perfect for each one matching the fabric and style! XO Love, Aunt Frannie

  3. I'm all about pink and sparkly and those stockings are just wonderful.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I love the stockings! I am sure they will become a family favorite for your children years from now They are so personal and sweet. Love all the cool trees and as for old ornies! They are the very best!