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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Come See My Vintage Finds!

Don't listen to Dr. Phil - Retail Therapy GOOD!

We start off with some of the coolest Christmas Collectibles books! They're filled with page after page of old Christmas ornaments and decorations to drool over.

I know there are plenty of Mary Engelbreit admirers out there and will be listing this chunky hardback on Etsy soon. It's even got a cloth cover!

For the angel lovers, I'll also be offering this Angel Tree book. Apparently, there's an annual installation of the Christmas Tree at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. The base of the tree supports a landscape in which vivid 18th century Neapolitan creche figures reenact the events of Christ's Nativity. This book is completely filled with photos of this spectular scene.

We own several Peter Spier's books and this 3-D Advent Calendar looks as promising as his illustrations.

Last night, I was able to help Mary fall asleep by reading her some "Christmas Stories of Faith."

In the Children's Section of my favorite haunt, I found "Little Town on the Prairie" and "Grimm's Tales" books.

I purchased this Lefton set along with a stable. I'm keeping the stable for myself, but have listed this set of figurines on Etsy.

Not that I NEED more Nativity figures, but Retail Therapy isn't about needs so much as wants. These are from Italy and remind me of my long gone Grandmom's set. The set, I'm happy to say, now has a place of honor at my sister's home.

Gorgeous Holt Howard angel. Looks like one wing was reglued back on (bummer), but it's not noticeable from the front.

OK. This cutie-pie looks my son! No idea of its age, but it was made in Japan. I'm guessing 50s?

Last week, my sister Kathleen and her son Austin, came with me to The Barn. They had their orders to pick up anything vintagey they thought I might like. This is one of my favorite goodies and I'll probably have it forever...maybe even longer. Kathleen found it for me, an old metal container used to keep your Christmas lists in. LOVE the graphics. I've seen these on Magpie Ethel's blog all the time, but never came across one myself. It's the little things in life that make me so happy!
I also picked up some old glitter. Why? Scrumptiousness.

I thought this reindeer was celluloid until I picked it up. Hard rubber. 50s-60s maybe?

I didn't know Nancy Drew went as far back as the 30s. I thought it was more of a 50s-60s time period. I found a bunch of these and will be listing them too.

I always pick up sleighs when I can because I like creating Christmas scenes with them. I have so many now though, I was thinking about altering them and selling them individually for people to create their own scenes.

Who could resist an old Charlie Brown ornament?

Vintage Bingo cards, still in original packaging.

My favorite sleigh yet! I plan on needle felting a Santa for this one. I got the kids a Rudolph ornament and picked up Christmas cds for just $1.00 each.

Nic loved this cow when I brought it home, but is now ready to part with it. It's an old Fisher Price. When you squeeze the rubber cow bell, its head goes up and it moos.

Are you getting tired? I am! Almost done.

Isn't this train beautiful? You can't tell by the picture, but it's VERY big and heavy. AND it was in pristine condition. Who would donate such a thing? Whoever it was, thank you!

When Mary went to school today, she asked if I'd buy her something from the Barn. I told her only if I thought it was something she and Nic would really want. No doubt they're going to LOVE this big bag filled with vintage Fisher Price Little People! I've been collecting these toys since Mary was a baby and they're the toys her friends and cousins always wind up playing with when they come over. Best toys ever made, in my opinion anyway.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this 50s cardboard Nativity set hiding under a stack of books! And better still.......

It was NEVER opened!!! Save or sell? Save or sell? Can't decide!

And last, but certainly not least.....I found the most precious framed pictures. One for Mary's room, and one for my mom. I tried to take a picture of each, without a glare from the glass, for you to print if you'd like.

This one is called, "A Budding Artist" and when we redo the attic for Mary's room, I plan on putting it in her room. The entire picture is 17 x 13, so it's a nice size. I mean really, how ADORABLE is she??

And this one is for Mom and is called, "A Stitch in Time." Mom's a quilter and has a little pink room all her own. I was hoping she'd like it because it'd go so well in there. Well, she stopped by at lunch today to pick up a few things and this picture is now on its way to her house.

I hope you can print the two pictures without any trouble. Thanks for popping by!


  1. Oh My!So much fun you had.The Barn must be a wonderful place.I adore treasure hunting,but I really can't fill my home up more.Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.God bless-Denise.

  2. Are you talking about the Barn Attic? (If not I'd love know where your "Barn" is!) Don't worry- I promise I won't buy any of the same stuff! :)

  3. Wow! You did amazingly well. That's quite the load of goodies!! I can't believe you got that huge bag of Fisher Price Little People. My mother saved all our Fisher Price stuff and that is the grandkids favorite toys to play with when they visit their house. Have fun with your treasures.

  4. Wow, what a treasure trove of goodies you found! I have that Mary E. book, and the pictures are great! Love that little christmas list box too!


  5. Christmas list box is definitely a keeper! Fun stuff and lots of it! Wahooooo.

  6. I just love reading your posts, your collection of books are wonderful...the figurines so cute...I have a huge collection of childhood books..my children loved books. Many Blessings Tea~~

  7. If you decide to sell the cardboard nativity I would be very interested- My mother had one as a child and has such fond memories of it... Thanks! audrajjensen at msn dot com

  8. Lovely and wonderful ideas about art and craft. You can do more by making use of the bottle caps.

  9. I would be interested in purchasing the nativity set if it is still available. Please email m at bopach@ frontier.com

  10. Oh my, I want the nativity set by George Hinke. It is exactly as one I had as a child 65 years ago. If you run upon it again, please let me know berryman.dtb@ earthlink.net