"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Harvest Home

Some love the hot lazy days of summer. Others prefer the cold winter snow. Then there are those who love the freshness of Spring. As for me, nothing compares to the Fall.

Earthy colors, crispy air, crackling leaves underfoot....

Apple cider, pumpkin pie, Halloween and Thanksgiving...

Hustle and bustle of school activities, bonfires, and home-made soups and stews..

Comfortable jeans and cozy sweaters, laughing jack o'lanterns and eerie movies...

The smokey smell of a stoked fire and curling up in warms quilts.

What's NOT to love about Autumn?

We can make spooktacular crafts....

Even just filling glass jars with dried fruit and pieces from nature's bounty is so simple, yet beautiful.

Black ravens and pinecones spruce up a dimly lit corner.

Even the kitchen gets some vintage Fall going! And thanks to Elizabeth from Creative Breathing, and other crafters, I'm now the proud owner of a gorgeous Halloween banner.

Isn't this the most? To say the least?!

If anyone out there recognizes your art work, feel free to post about it. I love to give credit where credit is due!

Elizabeth had gotten a group of women together to make this. Each contributed one letter. She put them all into a banner. When "E" was cleaning out her artroom a few months back, she very generously gave this to me, knowing how much I admired it.

The fun I had transforming vintage paper dolls into Halloween witches and that Haunted House! As they say in Jersey, "fugetabowdit!" (I'm originally from Jersey so I can get away with that!)

But one of my FAVORITE parts of Fall? Seeing my little boy snuggling up on the chair with a big bowl of hot popcorn (well...it WAS a big bowl of popcorn!)....

And walking into my bedroom to see my little girl also with a bowl of popcorn, quietly reading on my bed.

Hands-down, Fall is the most Scrumptious time of year!


  1. The banner is amazing and that haunted house, brilliant! This is hands down my favorite time of year too! Your children are precious.


  2. Your decorations are just gorgeous. I'm loving all your Halloween decor mixed in. How exciting to have Elizabeth's Halloween banner! By the way, I used one of the Hearth and Home October 1925 images that you shared earlier and Halloween peat pots. They are on my blog today. Thanks again for the images!

  3. hi doll! love your mantel!! its looks great. Love the banners, the haunted house and the shakers! did you make the shakers? I just have to make some now after seeing yours!(hope you dont mind!) and your cozy little children.. ADORABLE! my little torry pie was over yesterday in a cute little comfy sweat suit and I just love mushing up with him!
    hope the rest of the week goes well for you! and thanks for the comment on my grumpy post!

  4. Yes, I made the Halloween shakers and let me tell you, they can be very addictive!! I was hoping to make some more this Fall, but time is moving so fast I can't keep up!!

  5. Denise here-Good Morning to you Sweets,First,Did I already tell you I have to comment on your blog with the Annonymous button:( I'm not sure why,some of my friends now-it's the only way?Anyways,I had a thought while reading your post.It would be fantastic for all your friends if you could turn your home into a B&B just for the fall.I know I can't be the only one who once to spend a weekend with you in the fall.Love Denise

  6. LOVE this whole post! I'm so excited for fall! And I have the cutest niece & nephew!!

  7. Fall is my fav time of the year too ! Your Fall Decor is amazing , I love it !

  8. Jill - I'm with you! Always love to break out my harvest things! I love all the ATC's and what fun to paper craft with the fall colors, too! Far busier at school than I anticipated - hoping I have time to enjoy the season with some paper crafting of my own! I owe you an ATC, ya know - I'm not forgetting!!

  9. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE YOUR DECORATIONS!!! I have been decorating alittle bit you make me want to do more! I got a couple of Crows yesterday at the Dollar Tree I want to put them and some Fall stuff in an old bird cage I have!! I already got my shaker I won from you out awhile back!! I love your Fall Jungue jars!! Gods beauty!! Oh I could go on and on but I won't!! Wish you were at the beach with me too! Lot's of great stuff for our artist fix!! Love ya , XO Aunt Frannie!!!