"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missing Blog Land

Can't think.
Brain numb.
Inspiration won't come.

Still getting my house in order after Hurricane Irene and the following tropical storm. Lots of work moving boxes, donating, purging, and putting items on Etsy.

Miss you!


  1. Hi Jill!

    Popping by to check on you!! We finally got our house back in order since Irene left her mess here! I made it to New Hope, had my show and got back home safely. We had a nice crowd and I was thankful that people were able to come after taking all the detours up there! I hope your inspiration comes back quick!!


  2. Oh! Do come back among us, dear Jill! I'm sorry about the inspiration slow-down. What are you reading lately? Classic literature always primes me with food for thought and ideas to research - then - I just have to respond artistically. Bless you as you put all back together from the storm. Hope you didn't lose too much . . .

  3. Oh Dear Neice I miss you too!! You inspire me when you are inspired!!! So hurry up little missy!!! Love ya, Aunt Frannie XOXO

  4. I miss you and hope that you get things back in order soon. That beautiful home and all your beautiful things. I can't imagine the water damage. It must have been horrible. I'm sending happy thoughts your way and hope to be reading you soon. Patsye

  5. Oh my gosh have I missed you! Literally! I cleared away everything on my sidebar for a makeover and have not been able to remember your blog name to replace it. Short term memory kept it on the tip of my tongue for over a week! I finally went through past comments until I found you! YEAH! I am so sorry to hear the hurricane hit your area. It seemed so unlikely that of all the states that might get damage, it would be Penn that would be effected the worst. To dryer days, always, Elizabeth

  6. What on earth happened to your home? My goodness! Were you in the middle of the horrible storms? Pray you are recovering from any loss.It's so easy to think of you this time of year.All your crafts go so well with fall.Hope to hear from you soon-Denise

  7. Hi All! Thanks for such kind comments. We were hit twice within like a week. First, the hurricane, then a tropical storm. We were SO lucky that we didn't lose power or else we would have lost our washer, dryer, and worse yet...a 2 year old furnace we just paid $8,000 for. Anything else in the basement we didn't care as much about, but were really sweating it. Our neighbors down the street weren't as lucky. Ted and I spent hours bailing out water and keeping up with it all and made it. It took days for our basement to finally dry out. In the meantime, we brought up lots of boxes before they got ruined. Now they're sitting on our dining room table (my art room) and we're going through everything determining what to do with it all. While that's going on, we're straightening up the basement and getting rid of things that were damaged as well as all the typical household chores. Been working on it nonstop for about 2 weeks and are finally seeing it paying off. Lots of trash, lots donated, and lots on Etsy. Just haven't had time to blog, but will soon!

  8. I am in the middle of a boo hoo as you know with little Misha passing into the gates of heaven. All dogs go to heaven, I believe it.

    It's dark as night today, rain coming down but Len got home from a camping trip and all is well again. I find the older I get the less I want to leave home.

    My hearts with you, when words don't come.
    ~Love...lots of it, Jackie

  9. Oh goodie, my blogger is working now. Yippie!
    I love all of your pretty fall decor! Just adorable. Sorry to hear you had water problems with the storm. We got about 4" of water in our basement. Hope you didn't lose too much. I am your newest follower.

    Debbie from NJ