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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Halloween Circus Costume Contest

Just taking a breather from cleaning up all the rain to show you my newest pride and joy - a circus-themed Halloween Costume Contest!

This entire project has actually taken me a year to complete. I started it last Halloween, ran out of time...or steam...I forget which....and decided it was time to finish it.

Originally, this wagon is from Boyds Bears and was just stained wood. I took some black, orange, white, and purple paint to it for a more festive Halloween look. The Halloween sign is on both sides of the wagon and is encircled in vintage silver garland. I wrapped dark purple garland around the top and added retro orange flowers for a pop of color.

Love this tiger! He's solid rubber and doesn't look too happy with his costume! Isn't the little boy in the top hat cute?

Nothing beats old-fashioned paper dolls! I had bought a reproduction booklet of these "dancers" a few months ago, knowing I'd use them for something. Since they all had costumes, it was perfect for this project.

But, what's a circus without a clown?

And what's a Halloween costume party without a witch?

Or a jack o'lantern?

The jack o'lantern's face is sculpted from paperclay and a real twig is used as his stem. His body is made from wire and wool that was needledfelted and sculpted into his body. His black gown is pure wool and he's shaking his chains to try and appear spooky. But, he's not fooling anyone. He's too cute to be spooky!

His motley crew.

OK. I had WAY too much fun making this clown - and I hate clowns!! His face is hand-sculpted and painted. He wears a vintage plastic top hat cupcake topper with a purple flower. Like the JOL and witch, he was also created using the wire and needlefelting method.

Reminds me of my group of friends.

Bubble, Bubble,
Toil and Trouble!

Our green witch wears a rust-colored babushka to cover her head, a black cape and dress. Like her friends, her face was hand-sculpted and painted.

Something wicked this way comes.


  1. wonderful work Jill! I love it. Your little friends are all so halloween festive! Just what I love to see at this time of year!
    I'm sure you have this set in a prominate place in your house so you can look at it a lot!
    have a great night

  2. Thanks! Actually, I'm thinking of listing these on Etsy and making more....just as soon as I get this place back in order.

  3. Squeal! It's fabulous. The whole thing is just fabulous. I can see why it took a year to put it together. The details are wonderful.

  4. WOW! You amazing women...I love what you are doing! My goodness Jill, your work should be on display in a library or somewhere for the world to see it. It's very good!
    I have been over the top busy, more than usual. Please forgive, I have not even opened your box yet. Between my little Misha, extra hours at work and Kara's announcement of her engagement, her mother-in-law to be arriving in town, I put on a candle party and a baby shower this weekend and celebrated 21 yrs with Len...I'm needing a day off.
    That day will be tomorrow!

    Miss you much...big love sent. It's me, Jackie.

  5. Love these pics and all your creations. Why do you hate clowns???? Patsye

  6. They're spooky and hide behind those faking smiles faces! Ever watch, "IT"? That sums it all up!

  7. Hey Jill once again pretty cool! Hope you're doing good. I have been having problems with my blog! EWW! Always something isn't it? Take care, XO Love Aunt Frannie

  8. So FUN! What a creative mind you have!

  9. Jill, I love all your creations, your artwork is amazing~ Tea~