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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Vintage Playground and Fairy Walk

Remember the hours spent at playgrounds that looked like this?!

Lots of METAL and WOOD equipment to play on. We had to be careful though, if it was too hot outside, we could get nice second degree burns on our hands and legs!

Eventually, the paint would fade leaving us to play on bare wood.

How many times did we have to go home and have Mom remove a splinter because a ride was weather beaten?

Do you recall the rides shaped liked spiders? Kids always banged their heads on this one and it hurt!! It's not like today where everything is made of plastic.

My heart wouldn't stop pounding everytime the kids climbed the ladder to this huge sliding board. They just don't make them THIS big anymore!

While Nic sat at the top, I was mapping out in my mind the quickest way to the hospital.

Of course, this old park doesn't have all the cedar chips or recycled rubber beneath all the rides. Just dirt and grass. We're talking Old School, Baby!

What giants did they have in mind when they created this monstrosity? The seats are so high up, I could barely get on them myself. It took three times before I was finally able to lift Nic high enough to sit on the seat.

You wouldn't believe how far back I had to stand to try and get the whole swing set in the picture. Can you tell how enormous this is?

My favorite was always the monkey bars. I remember being able to hold onto them and flipping backwards, landing on my feet. How? I have no idea. How I didn't give Mom a heartattack I also have no idea.

Since it was getting hot, we decided to take a walk in the woods to look for fairies. Mary was so hoping to find a mushroom patch, where she claims they often live.

We searched by the water.

We searched in trees.

Mary thought this would be a great place for fairies to build a home.

"Nope," she said, "I don't see a table and chair in here."

The search continued, but we never found a single fairy, not even a leprechaun! That's ok. We'll bring Daddy back another day. Maybe he can help us spot one.


  1. Jill! I DO remember! We lived next to a lot that was owned by our neighbor. He built a whole playground on it for his kids and everyone in the neighborhood - including a basketball court. There was a big rope swing from a tree that you climbed up and jumped out onto. Were we nuts? And the metal trapeze, and the slide - just like in your photos. We used to smooth it with wax paper to make us really zoom! No helmets either.
    Good memories. Sorry you didn't find any fairies - I had one in my Mushroom Village hosting a splendid tea party last week - right in our back yard. Post coming up soon!

  2. Wow that is sure amazing to see old playground equipment.. I do remember slides just like that one! Looks like the kids had a blast~ Hugs, Diane

  3. Oh I love the big tall old slides!! Just this summer Sim took a pic of me sliding down one!! I felt like I was back at Moore School again being a free-spirit!! I sure miss those days!! Great post Jill!! Love ya, XO Aunt Frannie

  4. I remember having no playground at all near where I lived on Long Island. We would walk to a vacant lot and play baseball after dinner. Most of us girls learned to twirl, and we skipped rope and played hopscotch for hours on end. In the winter we played dolls and learned to cook. We didn't own a TV until I was 10. Then that took over everyone's life.

    I WISH we had those wonderful playgrounds!

    I enjoyed these pictures. Thanks for posting.

  5. Jill,

    Thsnk you for your sweet comment today! I appreciate it!
    Have a wonderful day, Lindsey

  6. I so wish to swing on some tall swings again. -- I think those seats were just set too high on the photos.

    My daughter started down a slide like that. She changed her mind and grabbed onto the handle at the top which caused her to fling over the side! There she was, dangling, when I ran over to catch her. What happened when kids came to this park alone, like we would have in the '60's, with no one to catch them?! But, so fun, if you don't get hurt.