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Monday, August 29, 2011

Remember the SEARS WISH BOOK?!

Ahhh...the 1970s, such innocent and exciting times for young children at Christmas. To add to the suspense and forever long wait of Christmas morning was the arrival of the Sears Wish Book. This was not your ordinary sales catalog. Oh no. It was the creme de la creme of Christmas paraphernalia. Christmas on steroids. Kids couldn't resist scouring through page after page of enticing advertising bliss.

As a child, I found it arduous having to flip through so many pages of boring clothes and household items before getting to the toys. I did like looking at the Halloween costumes though. Remember plastic masks? They were fun to wear until you'd start sweating in them, always around the mouth area. There would be little slits for eyes so trying to see where you were going was practically impossible. We'd have to lift up our masks to avoid falling over, but that was ok. We needed to air out our faces anyway.

Looks like PINK was a preferred color in '74!

My Aunt Margie used to wear these capes. We thought she was such a hippie! I actually own one now from 1960 and love to wear it when it's chilly. It's one step away from wearing a warm, cozy blanket.

HATE these pants. Hated them then, hate them now.

Cheesy mustache, bad hair, skin tight clothes. How in the world did people continue to procreate in the 70s? Oh, that's right. Quaaludes.

While the boys played "Space Invaders" and "Combat" on their new Atari, I was mesmerized by my new taperecorder! I can still smell its fragrance as I opened the box. It's hard to explain its scent....sort of like trying to explain a "new car" smell.

I don't think we ever owned a popcorn machine like this. We used to melt Crisco in a huge pot and pour the popcorn in. Then we'd shake it up and popcorn would fling out of the pot and shoot everywhere.

My brothers knew how to play chess, but I never mastered it. I preferred Checkers. Remember this Gothic set?

Ping Pong (or Table Tennis it was also called) was so much fun!! Now people stand alone....in front of a TV.... swinging their paddle in the air....and play against.........................NOBODY! What's this world coming to?

Barbies of course, were BIG in the 1970s. I had a few, but I was more into wholesome dolls like "The Sunshine Family".

I loved Holly Hobbie and also had "The Little House on the Prairie" Colorforms. Isn't it a shame they never made dolls for this show? My heart melted when I looked at the denim dolls to the right of Holly Hobbie. I remember finding the girl in my stocking one year and played with her all the time.

Do I have to say her name?!

I LOVED baby doll strollers! One year, my sister's friend Darlene, gave me a big doll carriage that she no longer wanted. I loved it...until my jackass brothers took it apart for the wheels.

The Big Headed Barbie. The object was to teach a young girl how to apply make-up and have fun making Barbie look beautiful. I asked for one. Got one. And stunk at it. I think I went back to my SunShine Family.

I remember the commercial for this. You'd take the bird, rub its butt against a block of ice to make iceshavings, and then add liquid to make a snowcone.

These snowcone makers were pretty popular too. Wasn't there a Snoopy snowcone maker also?

Fisher Price Little People were always and still are, the BEST toys ever!!

Inch worms!! This ride ranked up there with Hoppidy-Hop. Remember, those big sturdy balls with handles you'd bounce up and down on? Oh! There was also Hoppidy Horse!

GI Joe was really big among the boys. My older brothers had GI Joe and the Star Trek set with all the characters. Now they're all considered "collectible". What a shame they all got broken, but ya know....that's what toys are meant for - playing with and not worrying about being dainty. These were "action figures" afterall!

Again, I ask - how did people procreate in the '70s?!! What did they do? Blindfold all the women?

Hope you enjoyed your trip down Memory Lane!


  1. what a FUN post! I always loved the sears wish catalog! We had so many of the things you showed! the barbies, the GI joes, the fisher price little people toys, we had the boat, the farm the house and the airport! also, we had a similar tape recorder and popcorn popper! but mostly we popped our popcorn just like you did! ANd... Mrs Beasly was one of my all time favorite toys! I see her every now and then at doll shows and always think about buying one.. but then always find something else I'd rather have!
    anyways.. dont they still make a sears toy catalog? It just isnt the same though is it?
    And yes, there was a snoopy snow cone maker, my daughter had it when she was little. It could still be in the bottom cupboard alllll the wayyyy in the back. or not.. I might have thrown it away!
    have a great week!

  2. OMG!!!! I LOVED the Sears Wish Book as a child and looked at it and drooled over the toys for hours!!! Thanks for posting this as I was 7 years old in 1974 and this book brings back great memories!
    All that polyester! Who would wear pants that look like a tablecloth? That dude with the stash looks like a porn star!
    I know what you're talking about......there was like a new car smell of a brand new tape recorder and they were heavier than heck! And, my mom had a white cape in that one add....wow what memories!

  3. I had a friend who had an aunt who used to employ that catalogue as toilet paper. I am not making that up. I can remember being a teenager and looking through the underwear, which my mother would order in bulk for us four kids. Does Sears even put out a catalog now?

    Thanks. I did enjoy the trip down memory lane.

    I'm getting ready to decorate for HALLOWEEN! Yes, I know. It's months away, but it's my favorite holiday, and I just can't wait.

  4. I don't know if Sears still has this. I haven't seen one in years. Seems like now-a-days you just go onto their internet site. I'm sure it saves them lots of money not having to print out catalogs.

  5. I can remember getting my turn to write down all the things I wanted for Christmas out of that book. I had to list the item, page number and how much it cost. Boy, that Santa sure did have his rules lol

  6. What fun memories. I'm 43 and your catalog brought back so many wonderful toy memories. I recognize many of items. I still have my Holly Hobby doll and my sister and I definitely had the barbie hairystyle doll. My sister loved her sunshine family and I was totally hooked on dawn dolls. What a fun post!

  7. The wish book...I used to make paper doll's out of the old wish book's. Wow what a blast from the past. Thank's for sharing...I hated those pant's also.

  8. Now that was pure fun! I have a Sears catalog too and just picked up an old Wilton Cake Decorating catalog where you could order all those cute cake toppers!
    Geez wiz...I want to go back in time and just stay there for the rest of my life!
    I'm dealing with a sick little Misha and my heart is hurting. She is much braver for this battle than I am.
    Oh yeah...It's Mrs. Anonymous...Jackie.