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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh, Those Wildwood Days!

Just got back from 5 days in Wild Wood, NJ and the kids won't stop talking about it.

When I ask what their favorite parts were, they say, "The ocean and seeing all my cousins."

Mom and Dad rented a house and most of the kids' cousins were there. Ted and I brought down some old games in hopes we'd have something to do in case it rained. Turns out, the kids LOVED the games and played them every day. The first night we played an old Bingo game.

One night, they all slept over. Kids from 5 years to 10, all giggling throughout the night. As soon as they woke up, they had a Connect 4 Tournament.

We also played Uno, a vintage Simon game and Master Mind (from 1973!) Being used to computer games, they all got a kick out of these old games and it was fun watching them play against each other rather than a computer.

People, people! Wearing speedos is a Privilege, not a right!! At some point, modesty goes a long way!

One night, Ted took the kids along with all the other cousins and SILs to find some "Cape May Diamonds." Feeling like I was going to crash, I stayed back at the house and read, "The Help." Can't put it down! Highly recommend this book!

Anyway, while they were at the beach, the fish were literally jumping out of the water. Nic walked over to a man who was fishing with his daughters and this kind gentleman gave Nic his fishing rod.

Nic caught his very first fish!

After helping Nic take it off the hook, he let Nic go ahead and catch 3-4 more.

And he was so proud!

They watched the sunset until the bugs came out and chased them all home.

One night, we all decided to head out to the boardwalk and take the kids on the rides. My mom, having gone through chemotherapy this past year, wears the cutest head scarves. I love them so much I wanted to wear one...and I did. She said I looked like a "simpleton."

We rode a few rides and played a few games until it got dark and way too crowded for my comfort level. I was happy to get back to the house and eat more ice cream. I must have gained 10 pounds this week.

On the last day, we visited a Lighthouse Museum and did a wee bit of antiquing. Will show you my finds in another blog. I still need to take pics.

And the night before packing up, we all walked down to the beach to feed the seagulls our left-over bread.

(Note to self: NEVER refer to the seagulls as "pigeons", the islanders don't like it!)

It's amazing how fast this summer's going by!


  1. What? You were in Wild Wood and didn't tell me? That's just an hour away. You could have at least stopped by on your way home!

    So glad you had a lovely time. Your pictures capture such wonderful days that will surely be memories to cherish. Boy - could I use a week in a beach house! Not forthcoming, I'm afraid - but next week my daughter and I are flying to New England to spend a few days with my son, daughter-in-law and baby Mackenzie - whom you shall meet in all her one year old splendor in an upcoming blog - The August 13 Pink Saturday special "miracles" blog at How Sweet the Sound!


  2. what a wonderful way to spend vacation time! on the beach.. with family! One of these years, Im going to rent a huge beach house and have my whole family come too! loved all the pictures. my favorite is the last one of the kids feeding the seagulls! and the one of you in the scarf.. sooo cute!!
    have a great night

  3. What a lovely trip, the pictures sure are fun to see. Your Mom and you are darling! And catching fish! Now that was a Vacation with lifetime memories~ Hugs, Diane

  4. Love the vintage games! We have an old bingo game we get out now & then. I love playing games with the kids, we have so much fun together.
    And you look cute in the scarf!

  5. Hey Jill!

    I knew you must be off doing something fun. Take a peek at your email when you get a minute...I love my doll!

    I have been in sick bay for three days with a wicked flu from hell. Feeling a little better today. Missed work and need to get the strength up to go back to work in an hour. Ugh! Sent you a letter too.

    I love the pictures (all of them) but I especially love the picture of you and your mom. You look so much like her and I know her story and have prayed for her. It's a picture to treasure for sure.

    Glad you were able to get away and have so much fun.

  6. Oh Jill how cute you are in that scraf!! I think you look adorable! I love that last pic of Mary and Nic!! I'm so glad you got away! You sure needed it!! I've got to run over and check out your Etsy shoppe! Welcome Home and you probably needed that ice cream really bad and you deserved it!! Love ya, XO Aunt Frannie

  7. Well, did I call that right? At the beach! It looks like a wonderful vacation. I loved the pics, especially that speedo one! What a riot! Your kids, and family, AND YOU, are so cute.

    I read The Help, and I too loved it. I just finished The Sea Captain's Wife, which I found extremely good. I love adventure stories from a women's point of view. I'm now reading My Name is Mary Sutter (about a midwife who wants to become a surgeon during the Civil War) and so far it's really, really good too. I highly recommend it. Interestingly enough, I read more non-fiction than fiction, and if you'd like my reading list, I'd be happy to share. For starters: Incognito; Unbroken; and The Disappearing Spoon were all good extremely good reads this year.

    Glad you're home safe and sound. I missed both you and your blog. Patsye

  8. That looks like so much fun. I agree about the Speedos. Very, very few people should ever wear them.

  9. Brings back memories for me! We went several times to Wildwood when I was growing up. Isn't that the longest walk to the ocean?