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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy 15 Years Ted!

We dated for 4 years...

And were engaged for just 2 1/2 weeks!

We had no money and I just committed 4 years of my life to earning a Master's Degree.

We thought about eloping, but really wanted our family and friends to be there. So we called our pastor who saw no problem with us scheduling it on a Friday night, less than 3 weeks.

We didn't care about needing a big wedding, but wanted to start our lives together.

We agreed we could do this - an old fashioned wedding in the chapel with the reception in the church hall.

I couldn't wait to call my family and friends. You wanted to wait and "give it more time." MORE TIME?! WHAT time?!

After getting so many phone calls of hushed congratulations (I told them not to say anything to your parents), you gave up and told them.

You lovingly put your arms around your parents and said, "Jill and I are getting married August 9th. Be there or be square." (I still laugh at that!)

Your dad had to go sit down.

In the meantime, I Fed-Ex'd 2 wedding dresses from JC Penney's (I got two sizes in case one didn't fit!) and returned the other.

A friend of a friend who wanted to start her open catering shop made us a white wedding cake and groom's cake - dark double chocolate with cherries inside. MMMM!

A friend who worked with mentally disabled adults had them make my flowers. They were GORGEOUS!

Friends and family decorated the hall and brought refreshments.

You went to work that day as usual and told no one your plans.

By nightfall, we met at the church. I was told to go in the side door so you wouldn't see me. I waited outside with Shannon, and was locked out. "Could someone please let the bride in?!" I yelled. I think your family was secretly hoping I'd give up and go home!

I peeked through a curtain and saw the darkened, candlelit chapel and couldn't believe my eyes. It was packed with people. Some were even standing. Now I got nervous.

We postponed the wedding about 15 minutes while my brother Joe ran back to my apartment for a camera...he got lost...so we waited. But it was August and they had shut off the airconditioning to keep the candles from blowing out. Nobody could stand the heat any longer so we had to start without him.

There was lots of singing (and laughing from me. I laugh when I'm nervous) and a great big, "I DO!" I wanted to make sure everyone heard me so it was "legal."

We were all sweating bullets and were relieved when we could get out into the hall and talk to everyone!

We waited a day to go on our spur-of-the-moment "Honeymoon" to Cape Cod. Our car broke down somewhere in Boston..but you know how the rest of THAT story goes!

Obviously, we made it through. 15 years later: a house, a dog, and two children (in that order!) Not bad for a couple who started out with nothing! I'd do it all over again. Well....maybe not the dog.


  1. Hey yourself! And Happy Anniversary!

  2. What a beautiful wedding story Jill!! It was meant to be!! XO Love, Aunt Frannie

  3. That's an awesome story!

  4. Congratulations. Such a wonderful story!!!!!!

  5. That's my kind of wedding! Happy 15th! Thanks for stopping by my White Barn post. Always glad to hear from you!

  6. I love a good romantic story...I'm such a sap and that one is wonderful. It's what love is made of. I have to send my daughter over here to your blog to read your story. She is pretty broke and so is he. But they have LOVE...he says he is burning with passion for her and wants to marry her! He read in the bible, if he is burning with passion he should marry her...smile...so I think we'll have a wedding next year!
    Love it Jill and happy anniversary. Our 21st is coming in Sept.

  7. Congratulations Jill, What a wonderful wedding story. I love that "young love" have to hurry, don't care about the wedding feeling. So sweet!
    The Help - Please do let me know if you enjoy the movie! So funny about the book and the pool! E

  8. Congratulations! Sweet post! Wishing you many more!

  9. Belated Happy Anniversary! Gee, you did a lot in a short time. No photo?
    We've been married 27.5 years and that's a long, long time! : )