"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Halloween Folk Art

By August, I'm always craving the Fall and thoughts of Halloween. Here are some pieces I've been working on.

This is a hand-carved Halloween witch wrapped in a celestial robe.

Last year, I actually carved and painted this, but always thought it needed a little something extra. After painting the handle of the broom, I attached a hand-sculpted paper-clay black cat to the top. A bit a vibrant green Fun Fur for added texture, and she's got a whole new look!

Based on an antique Halloween postcard, here's another witch I carved and painted. For this piece, I focused on giving her quilted apron lots of detail.

Carving side-views are always very challenging, but it was the best way to capture her walking away from the pumpkin patch, carrying a terrified jack o'lantern. Obvsiously, he's worried about being tonight's dessert!

Two stacked laughing jack o'lanterns carved from one solid piece of wood.

It's secured to an old child's block that I painted, stressed, and added, "Merry Halloween." Fun Fur once again, adds some softness and texture.

I have to admit...I'm very partial to the ravens! This fellow is perched on top of a hand-carved pumpkin. I added vintage velvet leaves on top.

Raven's just scream, "Halloween!" don't they?

Well, that and, "Nevermore!"

This silly trio was carved from three separate wooden eggs.

Happy here has vintage leaves and rusted wire for the vines.

Grumpy obviously doesn't like being stuck in the middle.

Goblins and witches and brownies and such....
Folks can't see and folks can't touch!!


  1. Each and every piece is wonderful!!!!!! My thoughts have turned to Halloween too, even in all this northeast humidity.

  2. Oh.my.gosh. You are so talented, lady! Do you sell these? You should sell them to stores...or start up your own business. These are too good.

  3. Hey Gals,

    Thanks! And yes, they're offered in my Etsy Shop.

    My inspiration and energy have been like a rollercoaster. Surges of ideas and creativity....then days feeling lethargic. Maybe it's all the heat and humidity, or not being on any routine. Whatever it is, it's driving me nuts!

  4. Well Jill it looks like you do some pretty good work when you're being drove nuts!!! And I know this humidity has got to get out of here! I get all ready to get going and then I get nasty and tired fast!! I love all the Fall Halloween showing up on Etsy right now! Keep on a rockin girl!! Love ya lot's. Aunt Frannie XOXO

  5. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. I absolutely love it. The colors, the candy, the nip in the air.....I'm so happy when summer is gone and things cool off. Your blog has gotten me in the mood. I saw the other day that Michaels has their Halloween stuff out, and tomorrow I'm going to drive over and take a look.

    So glad to read your post. You make the most beautiful things. Patsye

  6. Well, I guess you really can carve now, can't you! Love them all. Think I am partial to the crow though. I can't wait for Halloween to get here.

  7. Thank you girl for visiting and giving me a high five.You are more amazing than ever at your carving.I love them!