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Friday, August 19, 2011

Halloween Banner for the Hearth

Fall is in the air and Halloween is on my mind!

Inspired by the work of Elizabeth, from Creative Breathing, I knew I had to try a Halloween banner.

H: Every piece of chipboard in this banner is backed with old Lite-Brite paper. All the silver dots are where the children pierced through with their colored pegs. Each letter is also chipboard that I painted Key Lime Green and covered in green glitter paint.

A: This wise old owl came from an old birthday card. I enlarged him and added a googley eye. Spooky scrap paper of the moon and trees was the perfect backdrop. For more texture, I added orange and black crepe paper to each arched base.

L: This piece came from various resources: Halloween scrapbook paper as the background, an old image of a little girl witch, and two ghosts taken from a vintage children's book. "I'm Not Afraid of Spooks. Are you?" were part of the book as well.

L: This little boy is actually an antique paper doll. I dressed him in the clown outfit, added more color with a red marker, and gave him sparkly red pom-poms. I get a kick out of the black cat playing the fiddle.

O: I've used this young lady in red before just because I love her! The background is scrapbook paper with the silhouette of a haunted house.

W: Looks like this little devil has been up to no good writing Halloween graffiti on the wall!

E: Taken from the "Hearth and Home" magazine of 1925, this has become one of my favorite Halloween images. I gave her more details using black, red, and orange markers. She's also bumped off the paper using 3D foam squares.

E: Now this is one cooooooool cat. I repainted his face, outlining in white and yellow to make it *pop*. I also glittered his tie red to match the sparkly orange star and letter E. He's also bumped out using 3D stickers.

N: This poor woman is so scared, she's actually holding the N upside down!! Um...yeah...I meant to do that....no really...I did.

And here it is all together, connected by wire on the sides. Trying to get it all into one picture was practically impossible! Since I don't plan on hanging until Fall, I haven't attached the rope/fabric to the ends yet that will enable me to hang it against the fireplace.

Have you tried making a banner yet? Lots of fun! Even if you don't have a fireplace, you can make one like this that can stand alone, or hang it across doorways, windowsills, on the wall....anywhere your little heart desires!

This will be my last blog until September while we finish up the last official week of summer vacation.

See you then!


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  2. It's just fabulous!!! Have a wonderful time enjoying the last of summer.

  3. Ohhhhhhhh Jill! Ten lashes for me with a wet noodle!!! LOL, when I left you that comment I was on the phone with my friend Kris! (multitasking evidently does NOT work for me).....YIKES! Sorry *bowing waaaaaaaaaaaay down looking all pitiful and making the *L* on my forehead for LOOSER!! ROFL!



  4. Sure, *sniff* *sniff*, my heart was broken or anything!

  5. EAK! Here I am right away! Oh My Gosh! I love your banner, especially the N and the star E. Your banner looks so wonderful, it makes me want to make another. Thank you so much for sharing your art with me. I always am inspired by you! Elizabeth

  6. Hi Jill... i love your halloween banner!!! Enjoy the rest of your summer =)

  7. What a cute banner! The Light Bright was one of my favorite toys and I love the idea of using the paper as a background! I am definitely get fall fever!!


  8. I love your banner! I was in Elizabeths swap that made those banners. I cant wait to get all my halloweenies out! very soon. I doubt I'll get much into sept before dragging all 9 bins out! I cant wait to see all my old halloween friends!
    Your banner is adorable.
    Enjoy your last week off with the kids!

  9. Jill trying to comment...testing!

  10. Hmmm...okay, I am not Anonymous...I am the Girl with the Curl. Dumb blogger won't allow me to comment under my name but the ghost of Jackie has arrived! I've tried so many times it's a foggy memory.
    Look at you, rolling out the pumpkins and spooks to make us wish we could be, Jack and Jill who lived in a pumpkin shell and they were both keepers!
    I'm thinking the hangers are long gone by now?
    Oh yeah...the email I sent awhile back was a thank you for the paper doll surprise you sent. I'm hoping you got it!
    Love you, I will remain...non-anonymous!

  11. Me and Jackie are in the same boat!Ikes,It makes me crazy!It's Denise Adorian here.I tried to comment last week and wasn't allowed.Hope all is well with you and your family.May God bless you all.Fun time of year if the weather calms down Huh-Denise