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Friday, August 5, 2011

From Paper Doll to Halloween Witch!

You're never to old to play with paper dolls, especially those from the 1940s!

I've got this beautiful 1940s Hallmark Paper Doll and decided to transform her into a few Halloween delights.

This piece stands about 11 inches tall. After enlarging the doll, I attached her to chipboard for thickness and stability. Her pretty red dress got a total make-over. I painted it black with purple ruffles and socks.

She's got a real earring in her ear and a moon madallion hangs around her neck. I added a fabric apron and sparkly black witch's hat, also trimmed with the same fabric as her apron. Beads and a heart-shaped lock hang from the hat's tip. In her hand she holds a vintage witch's broomstick that I decorated with a hand-sculpted paper clay black cat's head and fun fur. In her right hand she holds a glittery black mask.

How does she stand? So glad you asked! After painting an Altoid tin red and decorating it with black and white polka-dot trim, I drilled two holes into the top. A wooden dowel is glued to the back of each of her legs and is pierced through the holes and secured on with more glue.

How do you like this little sweety?

The original dress had cherries decorating the trim. I changed the cherries to look like jack o'lanterns, added white polka-dots, and orange and green striped stockings. (Her original legs are bare). She wears a fabric hat and holds two balloons. One is a ghost while the other is a smiling jack o'lantern.

I used old tinsel garland as trim for the Altoid tin top.

This cutie-pie wears a red mask for the Halloween Ball. She's got pierced ears and three gorgeous flowers make her hat look extra pretty.

Girlfriend here sparkles in a glittered hat and dress. Her hands are full carrying a jack o'lantern stick and black broom. A paper clay candy corn acts as the broom topper....just for an extra Halloween kick!

Two pieces of black and white gingham fabric make the apron and if you look closely, you can see a little key hanging from it. Maybe it's the key to all of her magical potions and spells!

Ain't she sweet?! This Little Miss has got a little "bling" going on!

A red crimson cape (made from a real wool coat that I felted down!) makes her outfit complete. Like all the rest, she stands on a recycled Altoid tin decorated in trim, Spanish moss, and a pumpkin. Instead of a broom, she holds a banner out for all, "Happy Halloween!"

I particularly love these old Hallmark dolls and have 2 originals. I'm currently searching for some others (original or copied). If you find any, please let me know!


  1. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love what you've done with the paper doll. She's just delightful. All the embellishments are just perfect. Last fall, I took a couple of storybook dolls that were in bad shape and turned them into little witches.

  2. She is very sweet! Are you selling them?? I like the one with the candy corn on the hat and the pumpkin balloons! Please let me know if you are selling them..you can send me an email with the price. Thanks,

  3. Thank you!

    Yes, they're now being sold on Etsy. So much fun to make. I'll probably have to do some for Christmas and Valentine's Day too!!!

    To all the teens out there - say NO to drugs and YES to art!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my RUST post. I thought I'd stop by to say hello and to see what you've been up to. Love your creations. So fun to create vintage art!

  5. Oh my goodness, these are just beyond cute, and how creative of you to use paper dolls! SO adorable!

  6. I just love your paper doll,the addition of the wool coat was very creative,I draw paper dolls on my web site and the clothes, you gave me the idea to print mine and create some treasures, smile~ Tea~

  7. I think I know where the top of that tin box is! I love your stuff. All of it. Your energy is so infectious. I just read your blog and want to get upstairs and make stuff. Love the earring!