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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cape May Findings

While vacationing in WildWood, we of course had to check out the antique and thrift shops in neighboring Cape May and Rio Grande. Here are some of the goodies I came home with:

An old metal Santa's sleigh and reindeer.

Because some of the reindeer have their antlers broken off, I got this whole set for a jaw-dropping $10.00!

When our kids were babies, we had a collection of rosary beads hanging in their room. Some were from Ted's grandmother, while some were mine that I had since I was 12. One set was a gorgeous green that were given to me by my Great Aunt Grace, who was a nun and had them blessed in Ireland. Unfortunately, kids will be kids and they wound up breaking them.

Although I no longer practice Catholicism, I'm Christian and appreciate tangible pieces of art and jewelry representing Christ and the Virgin Mary.

It seems like every year in Catholic School they'd hand out a new rosary for us. And at Christmas, we'd all get a miniature nativity scene. With seven kids in the house, there were rosaries and nativities everywhere!

Simple pleasures.

RED is my favorite color so when I came across this vintage doll trunk, had to have it!

Of course, in my mind I thought, "I'll resell this to a doll collector on Etsy." In reality, I'll probably keep it to store my supplies.

When I found this still shrink-wrapped book of fairies, I figured it was from the 1990s. Imagine my surprise when I opened the front cover to see it's from 1978.

It's not like the cutesy-cutesy fairy books today.

An early 1970s Raggedy Ann figurine. I think it may have been a musical box at one time.

OK. I KNOW this is beat up, but for $3.00, I couldn't resist these cute graphics. I have a thing for old boxes, trunks, hatboxes, and anything unique to hold my art stash.

This currently holds my original paper dolls from the 1940s-1950s.

For $30.00, this was a splurge, but we bought it for all my nieces and nephews to play with back at the house. A 1950s game I never heard of before, but it came complete.

Turns out, this game was pretty fragile and one piece broke while the kids were playing with it, but they still got to try something totally "new", playing a game that was made when their grandparents were just teenagers.

Apothecary jars are expensive! New or old, doesn't matter. When I see them, I see dollar signs. I've been searching though, knowing I'd find some sooner or later and patience paid off. For just a few dollars apiece, I came home with these large jars. Aren't they pretty?

And finally, a group of old doll hangers. I especially like the one in the middle with the carnival theme.

Now I just have to decide what I can actually part with to offer in my Etsy Shop!


  1. Oh Jill keep the red doll trunk! It's your favorite color and will be a reminder of your awesome trip!! Just sayin!! LOL Love ya sweetie! XO Aunt Frannie

  2. I want those doll hangers!!! I went to your on line shop and I have seen the fairy book awhile back at Barnes I think. I do have an appreciation for them for sure. I love fairy art but it's those hangers I want or are you keeping them? Between clothes pins and doll hangers...I'm a nut about them!
    Why? God literally is the only one who knows!

  3. I love Cape May and haven't been there for a while. My son (though he's a grown up) always wants to go to Ocean City, MD. We did spend a few vacations in Atlantic City too.
    You found some great things! Enjoy!

  4. I'm pretty sure I have that fairy book that I probably bought in the or around the year it was published.