"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Promised Myself I'd Behave.....

Ah well, never trust an Irishman!

This past Sunday, I spent an entire day destashing and organizing (will blog lots of pics, but that's another story!) So I promised myself, "No more thrifting for a while."

Today I get an email from my favorite haunt, telling about all the new patriotic finds available. Ok.....just a peek won't hurt.

Just look at this vintage baby carriage!! So, Mary already has one. And yes, just the other day I was wishing I could get rid of it. But this one is so much smaller. And cuter. And for $5.00, what's a woman to do?!

One man walked by and said how cool he thought it was. Dale, one of the volunteers, asked if he knew the age. The man thought because of the basket weave, it may be from the 1960s.

But, judging by the graphics, Dale and I thought it may be from the 1940s-1950s. Anyone know? It doesn't matter the age to me. What matters is it's adorable!

WOW! I don't come across these too often, none I can afford anyway. I think this Vintage Barbie carrier may need to go on Ebay or Etsy.

With 4th of July coming and our Mid-Summer Night's Festival this Saturday, I picked up some fun patriotic items.

Isn't this Raggedy Ann cute? She's dated 1975 and used to be a music box. It looks like the music part doesn't work anymore, but what a great figurine.

Lots of ric rac and fabric. I can't seem to get enough of that lately. (You'll see what I mean when I have time to show you my day of reorganizing!)

Vintage-style Declaration of Independence and The Constitution rolls for 50 cent each. Why? Because when you've started a journey into altered art and mixed media, everything is a piece of art waiting to happen!

I got poppers and a CD with all kinds of American music, "The Star-Spangled Banner", "Oh, Beautiful", etc. It'll be perfect background music on Saturday, along with vintage carousel music I purchased from Amazon!

Again, my altered-art mind kicked in when looking at this aluminum candle holder. It's so primitive and rustic. Scrumpsciousness!

OK, I'll admit. I can't keep focused on one thing for more than a few weeks. Now I'm into fabric wall hangings. Can't get enough inspiration when looking at them. So far, I made two (but, that's another story!) and I like to use vintage jewelry as accents.

Brooches, pins, earrings, parts of necklaces all serve to accentuate a pretty fabric collage.

I particularly like vintage brooches. Is it pronounced "Brooooooch" or "Broach"? Or are both acceptable? Luckily, I don't use this word often in a sentence. Of course, I could always just say, "pin."

They had a nice assortment today.

The look and feel of an old piece of metal evokes a feeling of a time long ago.

So much to do today, but I just had to stop by and show you my spoils!

Here's a health to one and all
To the big and to the small
To the rich and poor alike and foe and friends
And when I return again
May our foes have turned to friends
And may peace and joy be with you until then!


  1. Your scored too! I have that same Barbie case from when I was a child, it is such a fun case, the graphics are darling, I love the buggy too, I guess it was a good thing you misbehaved! LOL oxox, Diane

  2. Happy Summer Jill! So happy to hear from you. I watched the 12 Days right away - so funny! Thank you! Oh my gosh, I am so glad someone else has poor resistance to thrift stores! I don't care who it is getting the goods, I love to see them all! Barbie case so sweet! Happy Fourth of July! E

  3. Great baby carriage. I bought one the other day as it was too good a deal to pass up, but I think mine is going in my garage sale. Adorable, but can't find a spot for it!

  4. I can't stay out of thrift shops either, although my obsession is with old kitchen tools & gadgets. I even just bought a hand-held scythe - bad children beware!
    See you Saturday!

  5. Jill,
    You have great thrift stores in your area! I luv luv luv that pink brooch.

  6. Denise had fabric hangings in the store and I have the cutest kitchen one from her. I just love them!

    The carriage, I vote for the late 1950's and it's as cute as can be. I would not have been able to resist either.

    Len and I went thrifting for a couple of hours yesterday to a barn we found tucked away in our Skagit Valley (tulip country) and oh, what a find. Brought home a red wagon and some farm fresh eggs. Well worth the adventure. I have tried many times to shake my addiction and I dont' think I'm going to beat this one.
    I'd buy the Barbie case but I totally don't need it because I have some too but I love them. They take up space but very cute space is worth taking up! How much??? I just might!

  7. I love love love your vintage baby carriage!!