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Friday, May 6, 2011

I Haven't Gotten Much Sleep Lately.....

.....but it's been worth it! Another old-fashioned carnival game is finished and it's one of my favorites so far, called, "Tin Pan Alley."

The object is to bounce a wiffle ball off the base and into the tin pan and try to match two colors. We found that even if you just throw the ball in, it's just as challenging. The ball darts in and out of the cubbies while you hold your breath anticipating where it might land.

The original plans for this game use four muffin tins and a three-foot long base, which is where the "alley" comes in. While looking for old muffin tins on Ebay, I came across these dy-no-mite industrial-sized hamburger pans. I also totally underestimated how heavy one would be! To save everyone from getting a hernia, I decided to make a box-shaped game, rather than the long alley. This also saved me on tons of storage space. As you can tell from the kids, they have no problem with this change of plans!

Next up? "Pick a Pop"!!


  1. I can't sleep either Jill.I know for sure I'll nap sometime today.Are you planning a school carnival or just fun for your own family?The game reminds me of when my parents use to help out the PTA with the fall harvest carnival.Back in those days they really just called it the Halloween carnival.

  2. The memory of school carnivals is a darn good thought for Friday morning! Can we just turn back time and go there again! It was always held in the school gym on a Friday night once a year. It was so cool! Thanks for the memories my friend. Decided to pack a few goodies in one of your boxes...for the pure joy of it!

  3. Hey girls!

    Actually, these games are just for a party we'll be having here. One idea lead to another and now I can't stop myself! Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow...you've been working hard on this party! When is this thing taking place and is your whole city invited? Sure look like it's going to be lots of fun!

  5. You are doing such a great job on all these games! I won a rabbit (Live one) once playing a game like this! Hubby wasnt happy! I didnt keep it long, I felt sorry for it and thought it shouldnt be kept in such a small space!
    well anyways.. there I go.. always going off on a tangent!
    Have a wonderful mothers day today! I hope your family spoils you well.

  6. Hi Jill how ya doing? Aren't you loving this weather? But it does add extra work to be done!! EWWW. What cha been creating now? Your game is cool, you are so clever you are. Gotta run. Love ya, XO Aunt Frannie.