"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hate War, Love Your Warriors

WHEW! After a very hot morning of walking in the Memorial Day Parade with the Girl Scouts, I've been spending hours destashing my art room once again!

If you're on the look-out for Somerset Studio, Stampington & Co, Sewing, Cloth, vintage, Needle felting/Wool, and Polymer Clay books or magazines, stop on by and visit my Etsy Shop (side-bar). Everything is pretty much Half-Price!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Hi Jill, love the pics. We just bridged from brownies to jr. girl scouts last month.
    A parade did you say... how fun!

  2. oh the days of walking in the parades with girlscouts, church groups, and baseball teams !! fun times!! This is the first year in a long time that I've skipped the memorial day parade. Its different now that my kids are all out of school and not in the marching band anymore. now I sort of wish I had gone!
    have a great week!
    PS.. did you get the email I sent you?

  3. Hi Jill see your back in the groove again there on Etsy!! I am listing more this week myself! I'm kinda loving it! Not so hard. I like your thoughts of bartering. I went to our parade today. I still love them!! I got lot's of candy!LOL Worked on some of my gardens but it is so hot here. Been missing ya!! XO Love ya, Aunt Frannie PS had to put playing with ATC's on hold for a day or two. Darn it!!!!

  4. I like her little girl scout uniform! And, I am doing the exact same thing...trying to clean up and clear out! It's a never ending process...ugggh

  5. What a sweetie! Loved your comment Jill ~ I think we are our own worst critics sometimes. You'd think at my age I wouldn't still be thinking about it! Thanks for stopping by and the last line giggle! Love your inspirational blog and glad your finger is ok!



  6. Golly gee wiz...do you mean to tell me I can finally leave a comment on Jills blog! What effort and a whole lot of prayer I've put into this!
    I am here dear girl. I've read every one of your post, and yes, you are still loved to bits!
    Cheers to the most awesome Girl Scout on the East coast!

  7. Boy o' boy does your beautiful stone cottage remind me of my days in Charles Town, West Virginia. I really do miss the snow, those awesome fall days and the wonderous spring days from the East Coast. Going across the river in Harpers Ferry when the snow was on the rocks in the water...... so pretty. You have a really beautiful home.