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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Carnival Game That Sent Me to the ER

My last carnival game! After weeks of working on them, I reached the point where I've had enough. Doesn't it figure that the last game was the one that would send me to the ER?

This I dubbed, "Knock 'Em Down". The object is the knock down all the cans, which are shown in the following picture.

The cans were once filled with tea. I bought these during a time I tried giving up Coke and learn to drink tea. I'm still learning. In the meantime, they make the perfect cans to knock down!

So I ripped off the labels and painted the cans a deep glossy black. Luckily, I found some vintage-style zoo and carnival stickers to decorate the cans.

I had hoped to find Circus stickers too, but the zoo animals worked out just fine.

Meanwhile, my right thumb is still sore and get this, I had to take another trip to the doctor today. I'm having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics and the fingers on my left hand developed an itchy rash. I'm a mess!

Seeing my kids have fun playing games that I made with my own two hands makes it all worth it.

Now that the games are done, onto the decorations!


  1. Very very cute! Good job, and your son sure looks tickled to have it! oxox, Diane

  2. Goodness Jill...I've read all about it. I can totally relate to antibiotics and pain and husbands that come to the rescue! I'm still battling my own cyst but it is healing. Thank God it's only the size of a pea compared to the size of a fifty cent piece.
    Keeping you in my prayers, as always. Sent you a couple of goodies in the last box to make you smile. Yours for keeps!

  3. Oh my heavens, your artwork is beautiful!!!! What talent you have!!! Hope your finger gets better soon!


  4. This is adorable! Your sons smile says it all.....it was worth the trip to the ER to make him that happy......hope you feel better soon :)

  5. Hey Jill thanks for stopping by! Yes I'm addicted to the ATC's!!! I have one I've picked out to make you too. But I've had to put a hold on it right now! the garden is calling me! LOL Michigan weather has been so rainy but the sun is shining!! I finally got a good pic of the one you made me, I figured it out it was the flash being on that wouldn't let me take it!! Talk to ya later! XO Love ya, Aunt Frannie!!