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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Old-Fashioned Carnival Games

Hope you all had a great Easter! We spent ours at Dane and Candy's farm, which is always a good time. More on that when I have time to focus.

Last I wrote, I had created some carnival games for a Midsummer's Night Festival we're planning. I just finished another this morning that I wanted to share. This is a Disk Toss.

Originally a wood fence that Ted saved from a craft store's dumpster, it now serves as an old-fashioned carnival game!

After cutting down the fence to size, I painted the slats the colors of a carnival. While searching through my stash of wood, I found a bunch of dowels I had forgotten about. These make the perfect pegs to catch the disks. At a junk store in Ohio, I found 4 wooden legs (just $1.99 each) that I painted to match the fence.

Turning the fence over, I attached the legs with wood glue and nails (I prefer hammering nails than fussing with screws!) Then, I drilled holes for the dowels. Ted taught me to make the holes slightly smaller; that way, I can hammer the dowels in and the friction will hold them in place. No glue or attachments necessary.

The rings were purchased on-line at a circus supply store. Just couldn't find them anywhere!

I'd say this project $15 tops to make. Got to love recycling!


  1. OH I AM SO EXCITED!! MY JILL IS BACK!!! I'VE MISSED YOU!!! But so glad you got to go bye-bye!! You always come back feeling groovey!! And as far as your recycling I send you a hug and a kiss for it!! That is a very cool game! And it looks like it would be alot of fun!! Talk to ya later. XO Love,Aunt Frannie.

  2. This is cool! And, what a fun festival idea! Glad you're back, girlie!

  3. can you let me know where you got the rings? Love your idea