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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Luck be a Lady Tonight!

If you've known me for a while, you know I love vintage items, especially toys and games. Lately, I've been looking for old game pieces to use for journaling and creating ATCs. Today luck was on my side.

This was a shocker. A 1961 Monopoly game - complete! I bought it for $2.00 totally expecting to finds bits and pieces. What a surprise to find this 50 year old game all there in great shape.

How about a 30 year old Bingo Game? For $2.00, I got it all!

Ironically, I just started looking at the prices for these Bingo games for future birthday parties for the kids.

I just have to be careful not to be tempted to use the cards for scrapbooking!

This was a fun find for the kids, who love doctor's kits. A 1977 complete kit for $5.00.

After washing it all down with Clorox wipes, Nic's already used it on his "Tom" (Tom and Jerry) stuffed cat.

Remember Parchessi? We played this a lot growing up. Again, this game has never been used - $2.00

I never saw this game before, but the picture of the man on the box looks like an actor from the 60s-70s. I opened it up and it's completely still in its original wrap. Never even opened after all these years $2.00

The rain's coming down, I'm fighting a lingering cold, and some idiot with a cellphone stuck to his face almost caused a head-on collision with me this morning. No exaggeration, he was on MY side of the road, right in front of me, coming right at me. I turned on my high beams, he kept coming. I completely stopped the car, he kept coming. I tried to veer off the side into the woods, and still he was coming right at me. At about 4 car lengths, I just laid on the horn until he swerved away from me. It was so bad, I thought it HAD to have been a man having a heart attack while driving. I looked over as he passed me, only to see him glaring at ME with this look of disgust, one hand on the wheel, one hand on the side of his face. You know what I would have liked to do with that phone.

People may tell you therapy shopping is bad. Don't you believe them! I was really shaken up and couldn't get it out of my head; I just kept replaying it over and over. Then I spotted these fun games, at super prices, and was able to get the memory of this creep out of my mind.


  1. Great finds! I still have a dr's kit like that from when I was a kid. My kids love to play with it!

  2. Love the old games! I have a couple also....can't remember their name sat the moment. I like finding ones that I have never heard of like the one you found...the tic toe one. The doctor kit is awesome too. I am so against cell phone use while driving! I FB about it quite often. So many needless deaths have been caused by it. All states need a strict 'no use' law! Hope your week gets better.

  3. Oh Jill.... i am so glad you are safe. Here in CA it has gotten just terrible with people driving on cell phones, despite our 'laws' to prohibit it. We have had more than a few run ins with ignorant people almost causing accidents while on their phones. I am just glad you are okay.
    And wow, you found some great vintage boardgames and at such a reasonable price too !

  4. Well I think you deserved some therapy shopping for sure! And what fun treasures I love the old games. Happy Tuesday! oxox, Diane

  5. Praise God you're ok!!! And you deserved shopping therapy after that! Look at all the cool stuff you got!! Looks like God was watching out for ya both times!! Love ya, XO Aunt Frannie.

  6. Perfect therapy A million times better then cookies.

  7. This post makes me smile (not the part about the evil cell phone dude out to scare you out of your wits!)because this series of events just happened.

    I looked at my three children's game boards and decided to take them in to the store to decorate behind the counter.

    Then a vendor came in and gave me three old game boards she found in a free pile!

    Then you blog about game boards!

    What came from all of this is that in May for Mother's Day I plan to do the front window in tribute to MOM. Throwing off her vintage apron and playing games! Cheers to inspiration!

  8. Great finds! I love board games. I only get to play when our grandchildren are over. My husband would rather play cards....it would be fun to play with this old games.Hugs and sending wishes for a peaceful Sunday.

  9. What awesome finds! I think board games are wonderful. Our family loves playing them!

  10. Fun - my parents have the 9 way tic tac toe!