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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Antique Finds & Images For You Too!

*WHEW*!!! Spent Easter Break at Dane and Candy's farm. Since getting back, I've been playing catch-up with life and always seem to be two steps behind. Now I thought I'd take a breather and do some blogging because I miss you all so much!

Whenever Candy and I get together, it's a week's worth of antiquing and rummaging; she knows all the hot-spots. This time, I took it much easier on my pocketbook as I focused on two things: ideas for my Mid-Summer Night's Festival and Art Journaling. This leads to my first picture: an antique velvet photo album.

This thick album sold for $4.50. I thought it was dated 1920s-1930s, but the owner told me it was more towards late 1800s-early 1900s.

Right before taking these pictures, I went through the album, applying Modge Podge to all its rips and tears. Since I plan on using it as an art journal, most will be covered anyway.

The last pages have inserts for tiny photos. This will be a fun project!

Mary and Nicolai fought over this book in the car, until we had to take it away from them! Enjoy the next few images.

For $1.50, I had to have the images of this little boy and girl, dated 1910. Right now, there's got to be at least one person out there related to these kids. Wouldn't it be fun to find out?

I picked this book up. Put it down. Picked it up. Put it down. Finally, for $3.00, I figured it wouldn't hurt! The pages are very brittle and crispy so I won't feel bad chopping it up for ATCs and journaling.

Oh! A million ideas go through my head for using this old doll's dresser!

Nic wouldn't leave me alone for 2 seconds so I could take this shot.

One of the games I wanted to make for our festival is called, "Huckle Buck". The idea is to try to toss a wiffle ball into a tin can, which is grouped in a triangle along with 5 other tin cans. I thought it'd give more of a country feel if I used old milk bottles. But, they cost so much - the cheapest I saw was $6.50 each. Ask and it shall be given! Candy gave me not only 6 old milk bottles that she actually used, but the little metal basket to hold them as well. They were in bad shape when she brought them up from the basement, but with some elbow grease and black spray paint, they look good as new!

Did I ever tell you how much I LOOOOOVE old wood toys, especially if part of it is tin? I don't know what it is about wood and paint. I'm also using mostly those materials for the carnival games. Just something about the feel and look of it. So, I couldn't resist this game; it reminded me of a miniature version of the "Strong Man" game you see at carnivals where you swing a huge mallet and try to ring the bell.

You can never have too many oil lamps, especially when your neighborhood constantly loses power. Ted has a nice collection of them and for $4.50, we added this retro pink one to the lot.

Still so much to do. Have you ever needed a vacation from your vacation??


  1. You did good! I love your treasures! oxox, Diane

  2. Wow! Super cool finds! Love the old doll dresser and the milk bottles!

  3. Jill.... what a very kewl velvet vintage journal!!! what fun it will be to make something wonderfully creative with that.

  4. I think everyone needs a friend called Candy to go look for good candy finds. You hit the jackpot and yes, sometimes we do need a vacation from a vacation. Sometime thrifting and finding can get our hearts racing!
    FINALLY....the sun is out in Washington. Intend to fill my black metal flower cart with an oh...sooo cute red top~ with flowers today for May DAY!

  5. Hi Jill that is an awesome photo journal!! And will make a very cool journal of your own! Can't wait to see it done!! Love the old doll dresser too! They make pretty cool displaying pieces. They seem to hold alot of treasures! Hope you're having a great day. Going to a party to embrace a cuzin who is heading off to the Navy today. We had the Caylee's first birthday party yesterday. She's so darn cute!! XO Love, Fran.