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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Shhh....be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm huntin' wabbits.

Look what my sweetheart bought me! We took an overnight trip down to Frederick, MD this past weekend and when I saw this chunky foiled rabbit I just kept going back to it. Since I couldn't get past my guilt of spending the money, Ted bought it for me!

And these two little buggers were an extra surprise.

Lately, I've been hitting the thrift stores and antique stores looking for great items to share on Etsy. Of course, with Spring Fever, I've been completely focusing on Spring and Easter items. That's when I noticed.....where did all these bunnies come from?! Just for shits and giggles, I decided to hunt for them around my home. Without opening my Easter bin or searching Mary's room, (that would have been too easy), these are what I found:
Three vintage tin Easter eggs with bunnies.....

An old Inarco robin's blue Easter bunny. I got this for just 25 cents. It's a shame, it's got a crack down the side of the egg so I wouldn't feel comfortable reselling a damaged piece. BUT, with my creative juices flowing, it dawned on me that I could make a mold of it's head using polymer clay. I did and created my own version of an Easter Bunny using paperclay. You'll see it somewhere below.

A little lot of vintage bunnies. I really like the faux chocolate bunny. Looks good enough to eat!

While still huntin' like Elmer Fudd, I came across this Beatrix Potter vase.

Shoot. For a girl who doesn't collect Peter Rabbit, I sure do have a collection!! The little box is a puzzle. The tiny book doesn't have a copyrite date. Does that make it a first edition?

This vintage bunny can use some love. It actually is a candy holder. It opens in half to be filled with goodies. I had the idea of covering it with papermache to get an older, more primitive look. Just haven't had the time to try.

OOOOO!!!! Spring and Easter sale at the Barn yesterday! I came home with three vintage Lefton eggs!! I bought some more Easter goodness, but that's another blog. Right now, I'm still huntin' wabbits.

And yet, another Peter Rabbit vase.

This little bunny sits on the side of a planter that's in the shape of a windmill. Very cute. Nic can't stop playing with the windmill. When you turn it, it's a music box.

This is an Easter Bunny I rescued last year from an antique store. He stands 2 feet high. He was hand-carved, but had a huge split right down the middle. After filling him with wood filler, sanding, priming, and painting, I added some whiskers, little goodies in his hand, and he's now one of my favorite Easter decorations.

These 3 tiny little bunnies were made from polymer clay. They're smaller than my thumb! I still need time to paint them.

Out of all the mediums I work with, wood is my first love. I can't even describe how happy I was to pick up a knife again to try my hand at carving some Easter Bunnies. They're waiting patiently for me to finish painting them.

This is the bunny I made from paperclay using the mold from the Inarco bunny's head. Like my other projects, he's just waiting to be finished.

These Lefton bunnies multiplied like....well....like rabbits!

Even my hatbox that stores supplies has bunnies!

My rustic bunny is so simple, but I love him. He's been with me at least 15 years.

Of course, what would a bunny collection be without the one and only?!

My mom bought me this popcorn bowl for Christmas about 18 years ago. A friend of Ted's kept threatening to steal it until I finally found one on Ebay and gave it to him as a house-warming present.

And of course, a book on how to carve bunnies!!!

Not a bad huntin' day! I can't imagine how many more I'll find when I take out my Easter decorations!

Don't shake your heads. I'll bet a scavenger hunt in YOUR homes would be pretty revealing too!!


  1. You have just become my favorite bunny friend of all time. Send all the bunnies you want that would like to come live in Washington or Canada. Please ask them first!
    Love it all...you come up with the best goodies...
    Tell Peter not to forget his coat. Did you see Peter's little jacket in my display today? I think it came from your house!!! Chomp...now lets share a carrot and be glad.

  2. Wow you sure do have a nice collection right under your nose! Very funny how we just don't take notice until we make a deliberate effort to seek..
    oxox, Diane

  3. Dang...you got some serious rabbit love going on over there! It's fun to shop around the house. I've been doing it a lot lately, since I started my blog. Are the foil bunnies that Ted bought you chocolate?

    p.s. I have never heard the phrase 'shits and giggles'. pretty funny.

  4. Hi Sena,
    No! The foil bunnies are actually faux chocolate. I think they're made of resin. Oh Lord, if I had that much chocolate, I'd go into sugar shock!

  5. Whoa! Now that's a haul. I love how you carve and paint and copy and use wood-filler and make molds. You're the bunny hospital. My favorite was the primitive (your oldest) bunny. Wouldn't that be beautiful large enough for a child to sit on a ride? Love them all. Glad to see you're back to crafting so....and glad that it's fake chocolate or I'd be driving up there to share. Patsye

  6. Had to come and get a bunny fix for the morning...love it!

  7. I love the bunnies that you carved yourself. They remind me of carvings my late grandfather used to do. They are something I hope my mom gives me one day!


  8. I wuv all your bunnies! How could anyone resist those faces and cute little tails! I might have to start getting my Easter stuff out of the attic this week. xxoo Nan

  9. Mary Beth VigileMarch 22, 2011 9:22 AM


    It's about time! I wish you all the best in your creative endeavor. (The beautiful angel you made for us still hangs in the family room.) I, too, have been hunting wabbits and would love to take a Lefton bunny off of your hands if you can spare one or two. I've been a fan of the Etsy website for some time now. I am headed straight to your store! :) Mary Beth