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Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage Pixie Bunnies and Other Found Goodies

The other day, I went to my favorite haunt to donate 3 bags of toys and stuffed animals. (I LOVE Spring Cleaning!) Since I was there, I figured to browse, but seriously didn't expect to find anything. I just wasn't in the mood. First things I saw? These adorable vintage Lefton Pixie bunnies!

This little girl Pixie is in excellent shape. My jaw dropped when I found her!

Seated right next to her, was her little friend. Although there are no chips or cracks, unfortunately, there is some paint rubbed off from her face. I debated trying to touch it up, but decided to be a purist and leave well enough alone.

I know there are lots of pixie lovers out there and might sell them in my Etsy Shop. The jury is still out on that one.

I immediately spotted vintage Lefton bunny planter. It wasn't until I got home that I noticed 2 of the tips of the leaves were chipped off, but still looks really good!

And ANOTHER vintage Easter planter! This one is in excellent condition and the chick is just adorable.

Another Peter Rabbit to add to my growing Easter collection. My mantel is looking so spring-time fresh!

Remember these old clocks?! Wind them up and they play a tune. Plus, the front hands move to teach the child how to tell time. Nic claimed it as his own.

A peek at the cute old graphics.

And how about this? A 1950s PlaySkool puzzle rack, filled with wood puzzles!

Some of the puzzles, like Charlie Brown, are dated 1950.

They're made of wood and all of them inside the rack make it pretty heavy!

I actually had to research this Alice in Wonderland plate. It says, "Fishs Eddy" on the bottom, which is a store on Broadway in NYC. At first, I thought it might be a butter dish, but it is described on their site as a "mini rectangular tray" 3x6. I don't think this particular dish is being sold anymore.

Here's a close-up.

Not bad for an unexpected morning of thrifting!!


  1. Sometimes you find the best treasures when you don't expect to and you found some amazing things!!! I love all of it!


  2. Oooh la la! Another reason why I wish we lived close! We could go thrift hunting. I LOVE your finds. Those pixies and that vintage puzzle set...oh my!

  3. I love the vintage puzzle set, the kids clock and Alice in Wonderland tray......oh actually I love it all, nice finds!

  4. Oh you are dating me making me remember I will soon be half a century old...lol. I remember all of those puzzes!!! And of course I remember that clock toy!! You really found some ancient toys..lol

  5. Your finds are like a walk down memory lane, so sweet, but I LOVE the Alice dish. Thanks so much for your comment, you are too funny, and by the way, if you find some of that "focus" thing you are talking about, do you think you can send a little my way?

  6. I love your wonderful finds! Thank you so much for praying for Eliana .

  7. I went thrifting too yesterday.Love the tiny bunnys.check out what I brought home.

  8. oh dear!my favorite is the butter dish.Good picking.

  9. Jill, thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my Million Dollar Question... I do understand what you are talking about E-bay does get many more hits and the search is a lot different then Etsy.. I don't like how Etsy goes by latest item uploaded, your item can get way down in the bottom of the search.. And the economy is coming into play, gas prices are really affecting our traveling, I know I really think about it more. Thanks for your lovely comment about my work, you are a sweetheart. Oh by the way I love the vintage Fisher price goodies.. those are the best. I loke having those around for my Grands. oxox, Diane

  10. Hey Jill,Its still Good Morning Over here,The book is a childrens book with beautiful pictures. I'm always thinking what I can send to Jackie,but what stops me of course is shipping.I'll send anything thats small and light.

  11. Hi Jill,
    I have the same Fisher Price clock! I bought it when my oldest son was a baby. He`ll be 31 in June. (Of course I was 10 when I had him)LOL!
    I`m glad you liked your Tree. You can change it up with every season. I got the idea from my friend Kerry Lynn Yeary. She had one on her blog a couple of years ago. I loved it and just made it more simple.
    Have a Blessed day~

  12. Wow Jill! What awesome lucky finds! That Fisher-Price clock made me smile. My first husband still has his and our kids played with it and loved it as much as he did. Even though we've been divorced for over 20 years, every time I see him I ask if he is willing to give me the clock! I've even went the route of begging and telling him my kids want it and he won't part with it.
    The girl with the curl, never gives up.
    Wish we could go thifting today together...we'd come home broke however, I'm sure of it.