"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TIARA DAY in Frederick, Maryland!

The most scrumptious of stores! If you're ever in or near Frederick, MD, this store is a Must-See!

A few weeks ago,when the winter blues were finally getting to me, I did something I don't think I'd ever done in my life. I called Ted at work and asked him if we could go away for the weekend.

We left on Sunday and came home Monday. It was just enough time to get away and reenergize. Although it really doesn't show in the pictures, it was pouring outside. We all looked like drowned rats, but didn't care. It was still fun despite the storm.

While searching for one store, we passed this one, "Tiara Day". It looked so cute...and warm inside. I told Ted I just wanted to take a peek!

What was supposed to be a peek, turned more into an ogle. I came home with a square of this gorgeous robin's egg blue wrapping paper. I have no plans on wrapping anything with it! Maybe use it for journaling. It's too pretty to waste!

I can't describe the style of this store exactly...sort of a girly-girl-shabby-chic-romantic-sparkley-vintage-curiosity shop!

The owner was very nice and laughed as she told us, "Men just don't get the baby heads. It creeps them out, but women usually love them."

I can see both points of view!

It was a cozy store, overflowing with eye candy.

I hated to leave, especially with the rain coming down so hard, but we had to move on.

The kids were so well-behaved during the trip down and enduring the weather, what better way to show our appreciation by bringing them to a "Penny" candy store?!

HMMMM-MMMMMMMM!!! This is going to be good!

Barrels and barrels of old-fashioned candy! The kids each grabbed a basket and went a little crazy. We had to keep explaining to them that it wasn't Halloween!

Ted and I weren't much better. Ted tossed in some of those horrific circus peanuts into Nic's basket. EW! Remember those? Uck! I preferred the coconut Neopolitans and Bit Of Honeys!

Remember Candy Cigarettes? Although they now only sell these packs as "Candy" and omitted the word, "cigarettes", we all know what they're doing! They're not fooling anybody!

After a long trip and braving the weather, we needed a hot meal. Maybe it's because we were extra cold and wet, but it was one of the best meals I ever tasted!

Nothing makes these two happier than full bellies!

Before the day was through, we hit one more antique store, which wound up being 10 times the size we envisioned. Don't you love it when that happens?

It was only 6:00 pm, but being Sunday, most stores were now closing and we happily (and eagerly) went to our hotel room, where we spent the night eating lots of candy and watching, "Forrest Gump."

The next day was bright and sunny, but actually much colder than the day before. We headed to the Baltimore Aquarium.

Now I know how Jonah felt.

This aquarium is different than most, and to me, very intimidating. You travel upward on very thin escalators to each level. Meanwhile, you're looking straight down into tanks of stingrays, sharks, and even this poor three-finned turtle.

I felt much more comfortable looking at the fish through glass.....

except for the sharks, of course.


  1. That sure looks like you guys fit alot in that short time, how fun sounds like you covered a bit of something for everybody! oxox, Diane

  2. Oh my...this is my dream place! I love the tiaras on the doll's heads! And, a girly-girl-shabby-chic-romantic-sparkley-vintage-curiosity shop is right up my alley, for sure. Looks like you all had a great time.

  3. What a grand tour. I'm so happy you got away and just took that leap and called Ted. Let's go! He loved it I bet.
    I think I'll try that one on Len and see where it gets me!
    Love you much..much..much and your little girl too!

  4. Love it! Glad you had a great getaway weekend and found some nice treasures. :)

  5. I just discovered your beautiful post. I'm so flattered. I think I'm blushing! thank you so much! Please come back and visit again. It was a treat meeting you.

    hugs and giggles,
    Tiara Day
    "the place where girlfriends shop"