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Friday, March 18, 2011

My 7 Year Old Entrepreneur!

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." The same could be said about teaching little girls how to save for a hamster!

Giving up some of her vintage toys to sell at Jackie's store, Once Upon a Fairyland, Mary earned her very first paycheck - $54.28!

Mary worked hard this winter shoveling snow and doing extra chores around the house to make her little dream come true of purchasing her very own pet. Meet "Hammy" the Hamster!

Sure, we could have bought the hamster for Mary, but it was about teaching her the importance of saving money for something she really wanted, as opposed to squandering it on instant gratification of cheap toys. A few times she weakened and spent some of her money, only to realize she made a big mistake and needed to keep her eyes on the prize.

There were so many lessons for Mary to learn, it was really exciting! She learned the importance of working for her money, the reward of PRIDE to be able to buy her hamster and accessories (with a little help from Daddy and Mommy, but she's doesn't know that!), how to save, how to decide what was most important to her, how money works and the agony of "Buyer's Remorse" (Mommy, you were right. This was a cheap toy. It broke when I brought it to school. Can I have my money back since it broke?). She learned to compare prices and the value of something vs the time and energy it took to earn the money for it. Mary also learned sacrificing for her goal (giving up some toys that she liked, but didn't really play with in exchange for a paycheck!)

Unfortunately, Hammy bit Mary after the first day. Mary was crushed, absolutely heartbroken, over this betrayal. By the following day, realizing Hammy had the size of a pea for a brain, Mary had a change of heart and decided that she still likes Hammy. She approached Hammy's cage, a little less innocent, but wiser.


  1. Looks like your dog likes Hammy too!! Yay!! for Mary and for you for sticking to your guns and teaching her the lesson. More kids need that kind of parenting now a days. I am proud that Kaitlin knows the value of that too. She is in college now!! That's a cute picture of you too staring at the cage. I think you like Hammy too! XO Love ya, Fran.

  2. Ohhhh, E is going to be crazy jealous! He's been asking for one of those little guys for a really long time, lol. Super cute and good for Mary for earing her new pet! :)

  3. thats awesome. Teaching kids about money is so important. Youre a good mom. Things are always more important to us when we have to earn them!
    hopefully Hammy will get used to her and will not bite her anymore. My parrot bites me everychance he gets! lol!
    have a great weekend

  4. I'd say she made a very wise choice! Looks like it is entertainment for the entire family!

  5. My kids need to learn this lesson too! You are a great mom! :)

  6. Your a wonderful Mom.Blessings to your family I pray.-Denise

  7. I feel like granny Jackie or the old maid or mother goose or some such women reading this. I am delighted Mary earned her little friend on her own. I like the fact she set down a goal, learned about earning and spending wise...

    Awesome mother...give yourself a hug from me!

    A day off at last...going on a date with Len...following some Canadian Geese...somewhere!

  8. Hi Jill! What a cute post. I love the pride you share in your daughter's efforts. What a good mom you are! What a cute pet! Now the trick will be getting to change the cage regularly, LOL! I have so enjoyed looking at your Easter carvings and all the lovely ATC cards. I do think you are now hooked! Such fun. Wishing you green on the ground! Elizabeth

  9. That's quite a crib for Hammy! Good for you and lessons learned by Mary. I enjoyed this post. Have a great week. Patsye

  10. Ahhh poor Mary! But I'm glad she realized she may have frightened the little guy. If he drew blood, she may have to get a tetanus shot. I had hamsters and one bit me too. Check with her doctor.
    That is one awesome cage and I'm glad she was able to save up for it. Definitely get a ball that Hammy can roll around in. I took my long-haired hamster Biscuit to college with me!