"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Monday, March 21, 2011

I was born in the wrong decade.

While others around me smile ear to ear describing their newest cellphones, fancy computers, ipods and game systems (half the time I have no idea what they're even talking about), this is what I bring home!

A 1940s-era manual typewriter and she works like a dream! I went to the most horrible flea market and the only redeeming item there was this old girl. It was selling for $35, which was a fantastic price, but with kids needing new shoes, I just couldn't justify spending it on something frivolous and walked away.

It haunted me. Then I figured I could try to resell it. I've seen keys alone sell for $50 on Ebay. Sure! That's what I'll do! Before I left, I returned and asked the woman if she would take $25 for it and to my great surprise, she said yes. Considering I NEVER haggle, I was very proud of myself and really need to do that more often!

Who was I kidding? This baby was MINE! It's so....industrial!

The poor ladies who used to type on these must have had hands of steel and fingers of rubber! You really need to press down hard to make the keys reach the page and look how far apart they are from each other.

Hearing the hard *snap* of the keys against the paper, the old-style font, and the ringing bell when I reach the end of my margin, fill me with nostalgia and the romance of bygone times.

The irony of my getting this typewriter is that I searched all over for rubber stamps that resembled old typewriter keys, and now I've got the REAL thing!

Modern gadgets are amazing and I adore the benefits of the internet and computers. But, I need to keep it simple. Sometimes I feel like an old soul trapped in the wrong decade. Can anyone relate? Or am I just a freak of nature?


  1. I know exactly what you're saying and often feel the same way! There is something so lovely about the clickity clickity ding... Ahhhh.. :-) ~ Deb

  2. Hi Jill,
    I love your typewriter, and no you are not a freak of nature. I find old useful things, such as the typewriter, old carmeras, even an old mixing bowl romantic. You never know what their story is, so you can imagine till your heart's content.

    ps-I have an old typewriter that I've been using as a prop on my blog and for my shops-I love it!

  3. I like being in this decade, but like buying and making all the stuff from decades gone by! It's the best of both worlds to me!!!!
    I LOVE your awesome find and was just telling my husband last weekend at the antique mall, that I want a vintage typewriter. What a lucky girl! It's wonderful. Does it really still work? Where would you find ribbon for it? That's what I have been wondering if I happen upon one.

  4. Hi Jill! What a wonderful typewriter! May I please send you the Halloween banner I made myself? It is sooooo cute! My gift to you for all your wonderful inspiration! PS I am so pooped. I will wait until all of these things are in the mail before even attempting Halloween! E

  5. Great typewriter. This is akin to the one I learned on when I was a child. And yes, I do remember the sound it made. Patsye