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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hand Carved Easter Bunnies!

Due to my hands swelling, it's been a long time since I picked up a carving knife. I couldn't stand it any longer, I HAD to feel the wood in my hands again and create something. Out of all the mediums I work with, wood carving is my real love.

With Easter and Spring right around the corner, being inspired by bunnies was easy.

This little fellow stands 5 1/2 inches tall. His jacket is painted robin's egg blue and his tie is green with white polka-dots. I aged him with antiquing gel and attached vintage flowers to his hands, which totally complement the colors of his clothes.

What I like about carving bunnies is that they can stay out all Spring and Summer long. This lady bunny stands 6 inches and is the tallest of them all. I carved her wearing a skirt, blouse, boots, and an apron. Her flowers are not vintage, but brand new and made from paper. I always like carving females because their dresses are so fun to create!

Here's a face only a mother could love! This big buck-toothed bunny was extra challenging trying to get those teeth inside his mouth. I have him holding a single pink rose. To add to the aged look, I attached some vintage velvet leaves to the stem.

This little bugger was the hardest of them all, and it was purely my fault. I made a novice carver's mistake - I carved him out against the grain. Big no-no! I was too stubborn to stop and just kept carving him. Because he was the first bunny I attempted though, it made all the others much easier! I added a metal pocket-watch to his vest, which reminds me of the rabbit in, "Alice in Wonderland."

All bunnies are one-of-a-kind and are currently listed in my ETSY Shop.

More to come!!!


  1. I am in awwwww! Love these sweet bunnies! You are amazing!

  2. You ARE amazing. This is something I've never even tried, and probably won't. There's math involved in carving, I've heard. You have to have the whole idea in your mind before you even start. You really are talented. These will sell quickly.

  3. Jill you rock!!!! I love the dude with the pocket watch!!!! XOXOXOXO Love ya, Frannie

  4. Patsye, if there was ANY math involved in carving, I would not be doing it! Put it to you this way, on several occasions, I had to call my parents and my friend, Beth (a financial guru) to help me with Mary's SECOND GRADE math! Believe me, there's NO math involved! At least, not how I carve!

  5. Wowzie! You are really talented! They are just adorable. I especially love the little buck toothed fellow.

  6. Jill,
    You are so funny! Being Irish and forgeting March 17th! Life is too short to worry about things like that.
    Loving your bunnies. They are all adorable! If I tried to whittle, I probably wouldn`t have any fingers left!
    Have a Blessed day- sending something sweet your way by April 1st~
    Kim :0)

  7. gosh you are talented!!! Just love and adore these lil bunnies!!

  8. Hey Jill one of your bunnies is missing from your Etsy shoppe!! tee hee!! Hope it went to a good home!! XO

  9. A lot of hard work and skill required to make them..........