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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Come See My Swaps!!

Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), Fabric Samplers, group swaps, one-on-one swaps - I've been busy! I've shown you some of what I've made, now it's time to show you some artwork I got in return.

Whoever said, "'Tis better to give, than to receive", never received an ATC from Donna! Donna knew Christmas was my fave, and created an ATC just for me. I was completely shocked when Donna asked if I wanted to swap with her. I've been admiring her work for some time and totally credit her for inspiring me to try altered art using Altoid tins. What an honor to have one of her pieces of art!

Using a playing card as its base, Denise came up with this inspirational ATC. I may try this technique as well.

If you'd like to enter a world of antique laces, bits, and bobs, pay a visit to Kim. Kim gave me this gorg-e-ous lace bag in exchange for one of my needle felted bunnies driving a Dutch shoe.

This bag is too pretty to use day to day. Instead, it decorates my bedroom door. I've got one of those old crystal doorknobs so they complement each other well. The hard part is deciding which side to show off!

The lovely, Linda, from "A Swap for All Seasons", hosted a 5x7 Fabric Sampler Swap back in February. I was intimidated about this one because I'm not very handy with a needle and thread. But, with alittle creativity, ALOT of fabric glue, and a gingham heart my mommy sewed for me, I came up with this:

In exchange for my Valentine Sampler, my swap partner, April, melded together pinks and browns to create this sampler.

I was also surprised to find an "extra" tucked inside the package. These chipboard birds now hang off of Mary's bedroom doorknob. Our doorknobs are looking really festive in this house!

Being brand new to making ATCs, I took on a real challenge when I joined a "Movable ATC Swap." The point is, something on the card had to move. Also, the theme was, "Secret Messages of Love". This was a 3/3 trade, meaning you make 3 and you get 3 in return (and it's nice to make an extra for the hostess!)

Isn't this a pretty trading card? How does it move?

It opens up into a miniature Valentine!

The next secret message is a cute little knitted quilt that can be taken out of its bag.

Although most of the swaps required our ATCs to lie flat with no embellishments, this artist did it anyway, and I love it! She made 3D flowers that can be pulled out of their planter. See the wee envelope?

When you open the envelope, there's a tiny note that says, "Love". It's so small I could barely slip it out of its envelope. Luckily, she actually added a piece of string to help pull it out!

An ATC swap is like a box of chocolates. Ya never know what yer gonna git.

These next three are an "Open Theme" swap. We created whatever our hearts desired. This one comes all the way from New Zealand and is entitled, "Freaky Liza." Why doesn't that surprise me?

This ATC is entitled, "Who Are You?" I like her use of color, mixing the oranges and blacks. The background has a nice, soft texture.

This one is very different. I wish I knew where it came from. The artist titled it, "Blesbok" and wrote that it's pen/pencil/tape transfer on handmade paper.

My friend,Patsye, and I decided to do a one-on-one ATC swap. Not only did I score a very cool card, but this whimsical magnet too! Patsye is a very talented, Jack-Of-All-Trades type of artist. If you stop by and visit her, you'll see what I mean!

If it weren't for Lisa, I probably would still be walking this Earth, never knowing Artist Trading Cards existed. Somehow, I'd make it through, but still...isn't it more fun knowing they're out there?!

Isn't this cute? I love how she's standing on top of a pink cupcake!

I wish I knew who created this but the artist's information isn't on the back of the card. Whoever made it did very nice work.

This artist loves to embellish!! She even attached a hanger. Sweet!

And last, but not at all least, "The Cupid's Song."

If you'd like to join some ATC swaps, go to ATCsforall.com. There are all kinds of swaps, galleries, information and advice to find there. Don't be worried about being a "newbie" either. They totally welcomed me and included me in.

Now get to swappin'!


  1. So much sweet stuff! I love doing swaps too! working on a couple easter swaps now. I will be sure to post them when I get them mailed out!
    have a great weekend!!

  2. I love all of these! And, I really love the valentine mini fabric collage that you made. I was in that swap too! Yours turned out so well! If you ever want to swap an ATC, let me know. Also, you need to learn how to sew. You would love it. I just learned about three years ago. I was really bad at first, but I kept at it. It is addictive. You can totally do it. Just find someone in your area who gives lessons and give it a go.

  3. Sena, and you, are right. These are addictive. I really enjoyed looking at everyone's art. They're all so different, and show so much talent. I did a series of fish wallpaper ATCs recently, but I've yet to post them. I have two people I owe cards to. Your post has motivated me to get on the ball and get my little packages out. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the nod on your post. You're the BEST. Patsye

  4. Good Morning Jill,I came by just to say hello and to see what you were doing and how your life was going .Look what surprise I had in store for me.Thank you so much for showing my card ,I got tickled because its a first for me.First time anything I've given has been shown.Loved seeing all your pretties,Esp.your fabric collage--Those are what I'm doing for Jackie.Later,Denise

  5. What a collection of talent~ And answer to your question scatter pins, because they are small enough to where you can wear more then one and scatter about~ oxox, Diane

  6. Hi Jill,
    Aren't ATCs fun?!?!
    These are great! Try to join in on one of my Tuesday trades, I'm doing my part to bring them ATCs back into fashion.
    enJOY this beautiful weekend,

  7. Great ATCs Jill! I love the one with the little girl standing on the cupcake, so cute! Have a wonderful Sunday, Nan

  8. Jill what a wonderful group of ATC's you've received, each one a beautiful work of art. I'm so happy you like the Santa and let me tell you I was thrilled with the card you sent me, are you sure you haven't been making these for years!!!!!


  9. I have not heard from you in a few days...ha...now I know why. These are just awesome! All of them. I wish, I wish upon that star, I had time to meet you where you are! I'd love to do swaps too but I better not add another thing to my list before I drop!
    Posted your bunnies today and Bren is getting one with clog! Thrilled for you and Bren...she's gonna love em!

  10. What wonderful art you made and received. Donna is a Flickr pal of mine and I also have some of her amazing tins. Keep up with the ATCs! I also make 4"x4" collages as a challenge. I wanted to make one a day, but that didn't happen. I've made 171 since the end of last August. Not too bad.