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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Have You Heard the Latest?!

Jackie from Once Upon a Fairyland, just opened up the most ADORABLE shop out in Washington. AND she's asked ME to be a vendor!! Isn't that the MOST?! To say the least!

Jackie describes the town as Dutch settled, so anything having to do with Dutch items would be a nice touch. As luck would have it, I happened to have 3 sets of small wooden Dutch shoes in my stash. What? Doesn't everyone?!

Maybe it's my longing for Spring that made me come up with this idea of little bunny rabbits riding Dutch clog cars.

The wee little Easter bunnies were so fun to make. They only stand about 4 inches tall and are made from vintage doll heads and alpaca wool that I needlefelted into the shape of bunnies.

Each clog was first given a base-coat of a Spring color. I then drew pictures depicting both Easter and Dutch motifs. This picture came from a vintage card I just purchased on Etsy.com. I added a Dutch hat to the little flower fairy.

Tulips are essential to a Dutch theme and so fun to paint! I kept these simple.

After the wooden shoe was painted and sealed with a high gloss finish, I painted wooden wheels and dotted the middle with a tiny flower. I used an even smaller wooden wheel for the steering wheel. It drives my son crazy that I only added two instead of four, but two looked much better and gives it a more whimsical feel.

This little pink bunny rides a shoe with a picture of a Dutch girl hugging a jumbo Easter egg.

The windmill in the background was not only a space filler, but definitely added to the overall look.

One challenge was figuring out which color bunny would go best with the painted clog. Had I thought of this before diving in, it would have been much easier, but I think they all complemented each other well.

The idea for this painting came from a vintage Easter card, but instead of a chick wearing a big hat with flowers, I changed it to wearing a Dutch cap. (Is there a technical word for this cap? Hmmm...I'll have to Google that later!)

White bunny.

This idea actually came from a cross-hook image. Instead of the girl holding sewing materials in her hands, I switched it to her holding an Easter egg and rather than no background, I added an Easter basket, windmill, and flowers. Isn't she cute?!

Of course, I had to add Peter Rabbit in at least once!

If you like to reminisce about your childhood and days gone by, why not drop by Once Upon a Fairyland and and visit Jackie (aka "The Girl with the Curl")

Good Night!


  1. Oh, these are just tooooo cute for words!!!! Is our winter finally getting to you??? I feel a bit stir-crazy right now.....stay warm....Cleo

  2. Oh my gosh...one is sold to ME and I'm not sure which one...I want to collect them!
    Oh...I can hardly stand it girl!
    Thank you for posting on the shop! I'm setting up a button on my blog so people can contact me to buy.
    I'm busy pricing all Mary's stuff, see blog today! One of her books has sold already!

  3. Adorable. And so much work. Where do you find the time? And I always love your colors. Now the hat... remember the famous Vermeer painting (I can't remember the name) but that's the hat. And she was Dutch...I think. Well, I probably shouldn't comment if I don't know what I'm talking about, but I do recall the painting clearly...and the hat. Patsye

  4. congrats. Jill,what fun for you.What did Jackie mean, M.E. really bought one? wow too exciting for both you and Jackie.I love all your art work-keep it up girl.Denise

  5. OH-EM-GEE! Those are so stinkin cute! Jill you did a wonderful job on these, they are fab! <3

  6. Hey Denise, it sounds like Jackie wants to buy one herself!

    Did you see some of the things she's selling? There's a cute polka-dot doll there I just fell in love with. Hope somebody buys it so I won't be tempted!

  7. So Good to hear from you Jill! Jackie is such a sweet lady! I can see why you would be a perfect fit for her shop. People will be racing, or clogging their way to get these cuties! Such a clever idea! Snow much snow! Hoping for spring, Elizabeth

  8. As always Jill an awesome job!! Mary is so cute! She is learning great lessons!! Well, she also has a great mommy! Love ya, Fran. XO