"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Enough Snow!

It may be pretty...

And the kids may love it....

Snowball fights, sledding, sucking on icycles, and building snowmen...

Days off from school and hot meals all make for picture-perfect winters. But I say....

Bring on the Spring!


  1. But doesn't it make you feel young at heart, seeing how excited the kids are? LOL- I've just about had it too...

  2. We got hit like most of the country pretty hard today for the first time. My kids are loving it too! I am guessing this is one of many snowstorms you have encountered this season? Hope you can dig out soon:)

  3. me too! and we are about to get blasted tonight with that winter storm!
    Hoping for the day off tomorrow!

  4. me three!!! we are getting a light dusting right now but the worst is yet to come....everything is closed here getting ready....the worst is yet to come....stay safe....Cleo

  5. I'm thinking of you, in my heart and prayers. Sorry I can't pop over here as much as I want lately...giving birth to a store is labor intense!

    One thing I notice each time I see the kids, they are so happy. I love their little faces and the childlike wonder they radiate.

    I was looking at the previous post...did you paint the wall in Mary's room? Lets see it, what is that???

  6. I'm with you Jill, NO MORE SNOW!! It's not stopping anytime soon here! Oh But I do miss the kids playing in the snow!! Love that last pic. Sending loving and warm thought s your way!! Jill create something springy, maybe that will help!! XO Love, Fran.

  7. We're hit with a major ICE storm today. At first, the kids had a 2-hour delay, but then it turned into a cancellation, which is good because I had no intention of bringing my kids out in this anyway!

    Yes Fran, I've been painting for Spring all morning. Easter bunnies, chicks, little dutch girls, and daffodils!

  8. Jill, You should have gotten your ATC from me by now.I hope it won't get lost in all that snow.Maybe the snow slowed the mail down.

  9. Stopped by today to send you a hug. Are you still chin deep in snow? I'm about ready to buy a canoe...so much rain pouring down. Len had to go out into our front creek in Gnomeland and bail water out so it didn't overflow.
    I have far more compassion for you however in the snow.
    I have a darn cold coming on...probably got over tired so trying to pop vitamins, oj and the whole works.

  10. It's already spring here, and the ground is warming up nicely. This winter has been the coldest in six years, and I am over it. But we still get those really warm days when you can hit the beach and feel very warm, almost hot if there is no wind. That's how intense the sun is.

    I would love a good romp in the snow. Patsye

  11. LOVE all these pics! Such cutie pies :)