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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Winner of the ATC Give-Away Is......

Here's the Artist Trading Card (ATC) that was up for grabs. The winner will also receive 3 different ATC blanks to try her hand at her own cards.

OK! And the Winner Is.......Wait. I'm no fool! I'll get Mary to choose to winner. Where's Mary? Maaaarrrryyyyyyyy????????????????

Who's that peeking out from under the covers? Up, Mary! Mommy needs a favor.

All the names are written down and loaded into the cherub planter.

She closes her eyes and scrambles the names before choosing......

Wait....Mary, you're covering up the name!

Congratulations Nan! Email me your address at buckscountyfolkart@yahoo.com so I can send your winnings out to you!

Thanks to all who played!


  1. Oh my gosh, thank you! I am honored to have your ATC AND I have never made one so this will be fun! Thank you so much! xxoo Nan

  2. There's my cute little smiling Mary!! She's the best name picker ever! and a good sport at that!! Congrats to NanE I know she's gonna love it!! Take care, XO Love, Fran.

  3. Jill,I finally got hubby to go out and get the mail.Since retired He only goes out to get mail every couple of days.I knew I would have my sweet ATC waiting for me.Thank you so much.I'm mailing your's today.I wanted to see what you did to the back of the cards before I mailed mine out.Boy they are not that easy to work with being so tiny.It was fun thanks again.

  4. My ATC came in the mail and it is even cuter in person! I tried sending you an email over the weekend but AOL is not playing nice and I can't get into my mailbox via my laptop, grrr! It really, really is cute and thanks for all the extra paper too! Hugs, Nan