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Friday, January 21, 2011

More ATCs - Told You They're Addicting!

I couldn't help myself; I had to join just one more swap! This was a "Fantasy-Themed" ATC swap where we had to create one using images like elves, fairies, mermaids, etc.

The first was made from images I got from a Bumper Book dated 1931. I experimented with water color pencils for the background and clothes. And of course, added sparklies.

This one was lots of fun! Again, I got these little fairies from the Bumper Book. See the older fairy in the background? He's sitting on a toadstool making shoes while three little fairies look on. For the background, I used scrappaper that looks like clouds and another that looks like grass. The word, "Wishes" came off an old Anniversary card.

I got this gnome from our very own Jackie at "Once Upon a Fairyland"! The background is from a vintage card.

Once again, the Bumper Book was used. I just got this book in the mail today from Ebay - less than $6.00 and it's filled with stories and pictures of fairies! I combined two different pictures into one.

These ATCs are actually going to be sent to Germany for the swap. Wish I could travel there!

As I type this, I'm actually trying to keep from going through the roof. I noticed our house just kept getting colder and colder. At first, I thought our furnace was broken. Then I noticed we have NO OIL! I called Meenan Oil Company, who we pay $315a month to, asking why we have no oil! Apparently, they just filled us 2 weeks ago. How can we possibly be out of oil in only two weeks?!! They don't know of course, but will send some oil over within an hour to get us through the night and then they'll send a real delivery sometime tomorrow.

Sometimes it's good I've got an Irish temper. Being so hot under the collar is the only thing keeping me from freezing right now.


  1. It looks like you enjoy making ATC's, your cards are awesome! I'd love to swap cards with you Jill, I'll send you a note on Flickr.


  2. My Mom was half Irish so I always say I have a pinch of Irish in me:)Oh Boy though I do remember my Irish Grandparents and Great-Grand parents.They were such fun, always dancing and singing,cooking ,I had a great time with them.A little iddy biddy temper once in awhile too.

  3. Hope your house is toasty warm and the oil situation was figured out. Not fun to have stuff like that happen!

  4. Well, we got our oil, but now I have to call them on Monday and tell them to refund me the hundreds of dollars they charged. Not only did we have a completely empty oil tank, but there was never a slip left saying they came on Jan. 8th like their computer said. I'm just anticipating the run-around, you know how that goes. The man who came out and delivered us 10 gallons yesterday even said, "They obviously didn't deliver it or they delivered it to the wrong house; wouldn't be the first time." So now let's just see if they put up a fight. Lots of fun headed my way!

  5. Do you need to go to ATC rehab?!?!? Maybe it is in Germany!;) Glad you are having so much fun and yours are turning out gorgeous!

  6. Well, you are addicted, aren't you? And what a wonderful, healthy, fun addiction it is. I love these! And I howled at your heating oil story, except I guess it wasn't too funny for you. I don't think I'd mind the cold too much if I was in your beautiful house.

    Keep making these incredible ATC's. You're motivating me, and now that my mantle is complete, I can start spreading myself around again.

    Fun post. Patsye

  7. Love your newest ATC's! What is a bumper book? Now about that oil, that is crazy! No way could you have gone through that much oil in two weeks. I would stand your ground girl, you tell em!

  8. Hello Jil,
    I have wanted to meet you for awhile...I have seen your picture with the name Bucks County Folk Art and I am glad I made it by to see you.
    I belong to the Blissfull ATC Swap. ATC's are obessive and yours are so adorable and interesting. I LOVE YOUR WASH DAY ATC'S. Very cute.
    I just started doing ATC's about 8 months ago, as a way to deal with the grief of my daughter graduating to heaven.
    I have always loved art but had never heard of an ATC.
    I also belong to dress up 2011 and the artful bag...that is a lot of fun also.
    So very pleased to meet you and I hope we can become friends.
    Have A Sugar Sweet Day
    Simply Debbie

  9. Hey Jill,
    These little buggers are addicting! A few years ago I made an ATC a day for a year and yes I made 365 of them!!!! Most of them I traded but it was a fun adventure!
    Yours are cute!

  10. Hi Jill,
    I am new to your bog....and am really enjoying it. ATC's are fun. I have purchased some really nice one's on Ebay, I guess you call those ACEOs. I also enjoy making them. Let me know if you ever decide to host a swap.

  11. Okay...I know you didn't freeze to death...because you emailed me today...got oil?
    Hey...can't wait to chat either Wed. or Thursday, your pick. My doc appointment is tomorrow at 11am but I'll be home before and after that or Thursday, home all day.

  12. I just heard from the oil company today and they admitted that we were correct and they had delivered to the a different address, but billed us for it! They will credit our account over $400!! Thank God that's over with. I was all set for the run-around.

  13. These are so cute! I love the sentiment and design of the first one.As a child I sue would have followed.

  14. Super cute! You should put that "follow me" one on your side bar above your google "follow me" thingie :-)

  15. Thanks Cheryl!

    What a CUTE idea! I'm going to do that! (If I can figure out how!)

  16. What is a bumper book?