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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For the Love of Valentine's Day

When I was a little girl, my absolute favorite book was called, "Yours Till Niagra Falls." It's a collection of autograph verses from 1950 and is just cute as could be. As serendipitous as life can be, I now own the very same book I used to always take out from our school's library. I'm also happy to see it's now one of Mary's favorite books.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you my latest Valentine projects along with some little verses from the book.

In Central Park
There is a rock,
And on it says

Farther down
There is a tree,
And on it's carved,
"Remember Me."

May your luck be like the capital of Ireland
"Always Dublin."

May your life be like an old-fashioned gown - long and beautiful.

You love yourself, you think you're grand.
You go to the movies and hold your hand.
You put your arm around your waist,
And when you get fresh, you slap your face.

I'm not a Northern beauty,
I'm not a Southern rose.
I'm just a little schoolgirl
With freckles on my nose.

A kiss is a germ,
Or so it's been stated.
But kiss me quick,
I'm vaccinated!

True friends are like diamonds,
Precious but rare;
False friends like autumn leaves
Scattered everywhere.

Tell me quick
Before I faint,
Is we friends
Or is we ain't?

It was midnight on the back porch.
Two lips were tightly pressed.
The old man gave the signal,
And the bulldog did the rest.

Gold is pure
And so is pearl
But purest of all
Is an innocent girl.

Boys are like a box of snuff.
Get one whiff and that's enough.

Our eyes have met,
Our lips not yet,
But oh you kid,
I'll get you yet.

He is a fool who thinks by force or skill
To turn the current of a woman's will.

Don't make love by the garden gate.
Love is blind, but the neighbor's ain't!


  1. Those are so cute! I love the little boy and girl on their bikes!

  2. Jill, those little verses are so sweet
    but your vintage planters, oh so neat! :)
    LOVE them!

  3. great post.. fun to read the verses and love your sweet creations! I remember the one about going to the movies and holding your own hand!
    sweet dreams!

  4. Now stop it!!! That is just tooooo darn cute!! The figures, the verses, the trees....you have outdone yourself this time girl!!! You put it together sooooo nicely.....hugs...cleo

  5. Somebody stop me!

    OOOO!!!!! Snow Day today! No School!! What to do. What to do.

  6. You my girl are so talented.The book must have been so sweet.It's nice to have such books in your life.God bless

  7. Jill,
    What a sweet book. So glad you shared the verses with us!
    Your talent is second to none.

  8. I'm speechless again. You have such a way about you girlfriend. You seem to be my cupid, all year long.

    What words could I ever grab out of the hat to describe this cute post. Cute is not enough...it rates up there with Supercalafragilisticexpialadoshis! However you spell that. Where is Mary Poppins when I need her?

    I'm trying to decided in my next life if I could make a wish...
    God, could Jill be my neighbor? Could we have mansions beside each other and walk down those streets made of gold. Would there be a thrift shop at the end?

  9. Hey Jill,
    Your creations are so darn cute! Those verses are sweet too. Kind of reminds me of early Shel Silverstein!

  10. guess what...i bought you a present today...you'll have to wait in anticipation...goodie, goodie, gumdrops!

  11. Hey Jill thanks for stopping by. I am feeling better and so anixous to get going on being creative again!!! Working on organizing like everyone else it seems!! LOL So when that is done I can play!!! LOL Tell Mary hi and I hope you guys are all doing good. Take care and this post is so beautiful!! You sure are gifted my friend!! XO Love, Fran.

  12. What a sweet and fun post, Jill!
    "When you get fresh you slap your face."
    was my fav line! Ha-ha!

    What adorable little tree confections! ♥