"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feeding My Soul

Kids are finally off to bed. House is clean. A glass of Sutter Home and Billie Holiday singing in the background. Who wouldn't be inspired to create?

Although these old felt carolers and ice skaters were cute the way they were, I wanted to give them more character. They went from being Christmas decorations to unique Valentines!

This young girl is out shopping for her sweetheart. She's got a metal heart and Valentine quilt in one arm, and a basket full of goodies in her other. Her basket includes antique mercury balls and a vintage cupcake pick.

Looks like this fellow's all set for the big day! Three sparkly hearts overloading his arms with a large "Happy Valentine" stick, which is actually a vintage cake pick. I don't know why I added the goose to the bottom of his feet. It just seemed to go with the Victorian look.

Making these was extra fun because it gave me the chance to combine the old with the new, which is something I loooooooove.

What's Valentine's Day without a pretty combination of pink, red, and white?

This little lady is so shabby-chic! She holds her vintage "Happy Valentine's Day" sign in one hand and a basket stuffed with Valentine delights in the other. Silver garland, pink feathers, iridescent gifts, sparkly hearts, pale pink pearls, a pink rose and white dove all put me in the mood for a big heart-shaped box of chocolates.

This reminds me of a teen-aged boy wanting to impress his girl!

Can't you just feel the love-sick anticipation of this young boy, who obviously spent his whole paycheck on his sweetie-pie? He's got a lot of coordination too - he's balancing it all while on ice skates!

It's been SO hard to focus lately! So many ideas filling my head, so many adult responsibilities pulling me in a totally different direction, so little time it seems......but I'm thriving on it!!

How about you?!


  1. Jill I know what you mean about those darn adult responsibilities! I so want to play!! and create!! But I must clean, do dishes, pay bills, etc before I can! Darn it!! We should set aside just one day where all we can do is play and create!! Wouldn't that be so much fun!! Well,Keep on keeping on! XO Love, Fran.

  2. These are adorable. And have I mentioned that I'm moving into that house with you. I hope you have room. I've never seen a photograph of any house that is so inviting. Is there still snow on the ground?

    And, by the way, you are very good with your camera. Good colors, and clear, clear, clear photography. Have you taken a class?

    Happy New Year. Patsye

  3. I love love love these, they are wonderful, You did such an amazing job!

    Magic and Joy to you,

  4. I'm focusing on one thing...YOU! What amazing stuff you are doing in the stone cottage of yours. It's all worth while...it's all so splendid and adorable and creative and full of whimsy and your imagination.

    Don't hold back Jill...the washing machine and dishwasher call out to you but just say NO!

    Being addicted to art and crafting is a good thing. Good therapy. Almost all the seniors I've ever talked with have said...play more, create more...do it anyway.

    Off to have lunch with Kara today. She is coming up for her birthday with friends. Most of them are old friends. At least, as old as they can be at the mere age of 23!

    I owe you a chatty email..coming your way soon...promise!

  5. Jill,How sweet of you. I say yes.Lets jump right in and get our feet wet.With no high expectations it will be fun.Maybe we'll surprise ourselves.Anyway, now I have a new friend.I'm going right back to your post to browes your blog.I see we have some of the same followers/friends,Nice.

  6. Jill your mind is amazing!, you are so creative. You blow me away with all your sweet little creations. Your mind must tick over time at night while your sleeping!

  7. Very clever! I love the metal heart in the first photo! Thanks for stopping by to see my steampunked necklaces!

  8. Jill,Oh yes,Jacqueline has become one of my favorite people just in the last couple of months.What a gift from God she has to delight other people and she uses her gift too.We are swap partners,I'm reseaching and learning.Having fun at least.